Suspects in Marbella DJ Shooting Left His Body and Stole from Him

THE suspects in the shooting of a DJ in Marbella allegedly left his body and stole from him.

Police said the suspects in the shooting of a Marbella DJ left his body after he was killed and stole from him.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the group left the villa where the party was taking place after the DJ was shot, as well as stealing his equipment.
Police say that after the DJ was shot by a stray bullet several attendees of the illegal party he was playing at tried to help him before leaving.  One woman attending the party allegedly stole the man’s laptop, and has now been arrested.
Officers say they found the body of the DJ, Chema, in the villa which had been used for the party several hours later.
The party was held in a villa in Guadalmina Alta in Marbella. The DJ had reportedly been threatened by the man accused of his murder several times after he did not like the music the man was playing.
Officers from the National Police have now arrested 10 people following the shooting, including two party organisers, three security guards, and another DJ, a friend of the man who died.
The detainees are accused of the alleged crimes of concealment, while the main suspect, a 30-year-old German man, is charged with manslaughter and illegal possession of weapons.
The shooting took place when the 40-year-old man who was working as a DJ at an illegal party in Marbella, died on Sunday, March 28, after he was hit in the neck by a stray bullet.
He was found by the National Police in the villa, but the partygoers were nowhere to be seen.
According to national Spanish press, there were three shots heard, one of which hit the DJ.
During the night the perpetrator of the DJ’s death allegedly pulled out a gun and fired two shots at the ceiling before a bullet hit the victim.
Following the incident, all those attending the event reportedly left the area and the victim without warning the emergency services.

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