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Instagram Bots

Instagram Bots

Boosting your Instagram presence is tough work? Did you know that you can completely automate Instagram growth and reclaim a huge chunk of your time? Oh, and here’s the best part: Instagram bots don’t only do your social media chores, but they do it much, much more effectively. Where can you find these bad boys? Scroll down to find out.

Whole business empires rely on Instagram popularity for sustenance. Brands are made or fade according to how much they resonate with their online communities. Did you fail to incentivize your community to engage with your content? It’s a huge sign that something’s going wrong. You’ve noticed a rising trend in the size of your fan base? Congrats, you’ve just got the best possible marketing on Instagram.

It can seem ridiculous to individuals untrained in social media that an arbitrary number of followers and engagement metrics effectively settles the fate of a business. The modern age truth, however, is that social media activity dictates your economical reality. Public taste and herd mentality remain a factor even when you move to the digital plane.

This means that you simply cannot avoid investing time in your social media promotion. Or does it? What if I told you that there’s a piece of software that can remove you from the equation while also improving the overall performance of your promotional campaign? No jokes, seriously.

Instagram bots represent software that conducts all those simple activities that don’t require any creativity but still need you to sit at the keyboard and spend hours typing. Following, replying, attracting followers, engaging with content, liking… It may be fun for a while, but once it becomes a regular obligation, it is revealed to be a job like any other. Add to this the fact that bots accomplish in a blink what you would spend whole minutes doing and it suddenly becomes clear that no human can compete with Instagram automation software.

So, where are those miracle workers? There are tons of Instagram bots out there but they don’t all provide proper, functional services. We can’t remain blind and deaf to hordes of scammers and fakes that do no good but much harm. That’s precisely the reason behind this making this list. Not sure where to look for verified, top-quality Instagram bots? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Best Instagram Bots

Without further ado, here are the 10 best Instagram bots for 2021!


Don’t get me wrong, I know that this might sound ironic to some, but the first entry here isn’t a bot at all. Growthoid’s automation comes in the form of human expert assistance, and it rocks!

Let me explain the idea. First of all, the guys behind the project have mastered all forms of social media campaigning. They know the ins and outs of every aspect of Instagram and thus have the capabilities to squeeze out every last bit of performance out of practically everything. So yes, it’s still automation because you won’t have to do anything, and the kind of automation that combines AI commitment with human intuition.

If you opt for Growthoid, your account will “pass” into the hands of dedicated account managers with tons of experience and Instagram proficiency. Don’t worry, you’ll still be the one in charge of your account. The experts won’t do anything without a green light given by you. What they’ll do is a total overhaul of your target audience, scheduling, workflow streamlining, content publishing, and pretty much anything that can come up in your head at any given moment. With you on the helm of the ship, of course.

The results? Amplified reach, multiplied engagement rate stats, and a massive amount of growth. And this sort of organic growth tends to stick around for a while and be that much more engaging than your regular bought followers. After all, these users will be naturally attracted to your content, out of their own interest. Which is neat, right? 


Now, for a bit more conventional take on things, we have MoreLikes, which gives more likes, duh, but also more followers, more saves, more views, and more growth in general! But that would be too long a name, I guess…

MoreLikes is more than just a site that sells metrics. Consider them only as a medium between your content and real, organic growth. While they do offer bundles of goodies for a set price, MoreLikes specializes in automation when it comes to delivering likes. Whenever you share content on your favorite social media, MoreLikes’ intricate software mechanisms detect the activity within 60 seconds and deliver likes in an organic pattern that simulates the behavior of spontaneous liking. 

This can trick both the promotional algorithm and the general audience and incite exponential growth. In fact, the chances are that every big brand on Instagram that you’re following today achieved their fame via this neat method. It wouldn’t be that bad if you woke up to fame one day yourself, right? Not bad at all.

What’s more is that MoreLikes cares more about their quality of service than profit. To show this and foster trust in their software, they allow you a grace period of 3 days in which you can get a full refund, in any case whatsoever, no questions asked!

From MoreLikes, I need nothing more. Kudos!


Another special kind of human-automation hybrid comes from Growthsilo. They as well represent a creative lab that brings forth quite a number of social media wizards. Why shouldn’t you use a bit of their magic to enhance your own Instagram?

Organic, natural growth and authentic likes and followers are all these guys can offer and all that we can reasonably ask from them. To get started, you just need to send them an email, answer a couple of questions which help them calibrate your campaign, and that’s it! From that moment on, the only time you need to log in yourself is to check the progress of your growth. Be ready for a dizzying rise to popularity!

There are few more successful ways to monetize your Instagram brand than with Growthsilo, if any. They will take great care of your intellectual property, and guarantee the safety and privacy of your sensitive data. To deepen the relationship of trust between you and them, Growthsilo guys also offer a 3-day money-back policy that you can revert to, no questions asked.

I’m bought. Nice job, Growthsilo!


You must have heard about UseViral before if you’re an active social media content creator. Yes, they’re that famous.

Why? Because they have been the part of the industry since it came into being. They’ve done a pretty smart move and built a loyal and reliable network of partners and affiliates first, and worried about profits later. Spreading to every social media as it gained prominence ensured that they never lack manpower to help your community grow.

Instagram is no exception to this. With their packages of Instagram likes, followers, views, and saves, you’ll get only authentic interaction and real, natural growth. With UseViral, you’re not buying numbers, you’re getting actual support from actual users.

UseViral services are one hundred percent safe. You should never have to worry that your account will get banned because it will not. They deliver in patterns that mimic the way the community engages with content creators so no red flags get raised, neither with people nor with the algorithm. And there’s no setup, download, passwords or private data required.

Three clicks, a couple of words in chat and you’re done. Within hours, you’ll start growing. Within days, you’ll be at the top of your niche. Isn’t that cool?


SidesMedia is one of those services that you just can’t be wrong if you decide to stick with them. Being seasoned veterans of every change the social media have undergone over the years, they know every little nook and cranny of Instagram as well. On the Internet, growth is synonymous with SidesMedia.

But what do they offer? SidesMedia offers likes, followers, views, saves, and other various engagement details to 9 major social media out there. Sourced from real people, active users, and zero farmed accounts or other sorts of fakes, these metrics are perfectly safe, perfectly reliable, and perfectly able to skyrocket your growth in no time.

What’s more, SidesMedia professionals have mastered the mysterious ways of the Instagram promotional algorithm and they know how to make soft-cap on beginners’ growth work in your favor. A crafty use of exponential growth makes them able to deliver packages in such a way to fool the AI into believing you’re getting exponentially more popular. In other words, you might suddenly find yourself trending any time soon!

SidesMedia never asks for your passwords, sensitive data, or anything of the sorts. They go extra steps to make you feel comfortable. Oh, and the customer service is one of the most responsive in the market.

Seems too good to be real? Well, you better start believing since that’s exactly what SidesMedia is. 


Grabbing likes for you is what Grablikes does, that’s a no-brainer if there ever was one. It’s a sort of service that never underperforms or fails its customers: with tried-and-true service and customary efficiency they deliver bundles of goodies such as Instagram likes and Instagram followers that are real and of superb quality. 

Zero fakes, no scams, authentic engagement from organically sourced users. Why take risks with bots of dubious quality when Grablikes service is safe, proven, and guaranteed?

What makes Grablikes stick out from the rest is their automatic delivery feature. Growing tired of manually ordering likes for each post? Grablikes boasts an intricate software designed to discover your new content within a minute of its posting and deliver likes automatically. In addition to this, the software predicts the optimal pattern of delivering services to trigger exponential growth. Pretty neat, not gonna lie. 

And it’s not just for their automation software. Grablikes has an outstanding customer service that is available for you around the clock. If anything comes up, they’ll make sure it’s fixed in no time. Also on the plus side, they prioritize your safety and privacy as they guarantee that no sensitive data will ever leak as a result of you using Grablikes. 

Yes, they’re that awesome.

Task Ant

Do you use hashtags? You obviously do. But do you use them properly?

Hashtags can be your biggest ally and your worst nemesis. Goes a bit beyond crazy snippets of text, doesn’t it?

A proper use of hashtags opens up a world of possibilities. Hashtags function as signposts that guide the Instagram algorithm towards content of specific kind. Make a good combination of those 30 hashtags slots and your reach goes double or even triple the amount than without them.

But random or bad use of hashtags can seriously reduce your reach. It’s like googling something–good hashtags place you on the first page of results. Bad hashtags land you on page 13. Chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for much, much before page 13.

This is where Task Ant shines the most. With exhaustive hashtag libraries, innovative software optimization algorithms, and brilliant insights AI, Task Ant streamlines your hashtags, enhances your content’s performance, overhauls your campaigns, and fixes your posting schedule. Among many other things, of course. 

This might seem like a quirky, odd bot, but the results are the same as with any other successful automation software. In the end, you’ll walk away with multiplied followers, massive increase in reach and engagement, and a surge in your Instagram’s popularity. And that’s what you’re here for.


Master engineers of Instagram promotional campaigns, the people from Nitreo have all the necessary skills to help you move your social media empire’s boundaries ever further–all authentically, naturally, and organically! 

With more than 5,000 satisfied monthly users, Nitreo can’t afford to gamble their spotless reputation. With that much at stake, you can rest assured that their quality of service won’t drop, ever. Especially when they’ve built a prestigious business upon their customers’ satisfaction!

To get going with Nitreo, you require about 60 to 120 seconds only. No downloads, no registration, no setup. You just have to give a couple of general directions to your dedicated account manager and you’re good to go. It’s on them and their expert teams to fulfill your content’s maximum potential and reach the top of Instagram on your behalf!

100% real growth, real users, real engagement. While you’re out there doing other business stuff or leisure or life in general. Sounds good, am I right?

Oh, and a word or two about their safety policy. It’s water-tight. After all, what’s the use of all the extra popularity if your account gets deleted after several days? That’s precisely why Nitreo goes up and above to keep your account safe and your data private. Nothing suspicious will ever come out of your cooperation with Nitreo.

If you like the sound of this, why don’t you pay their site a visit and find out more?

Stellation Media

How much time do you think you would need to view 4,000 stories? How about 40,000? We’re happy to introduce you to Stellation Media’s automation software that has the capability to view a staggering 400K stories per day!

What they claim to be the Internet’s unique “mass story engager” can immensely increase your engagement rate and thus attract a horde of new followers. This tool allows you to vote, do quizzes, answer polls, sliders, questions, send DM, and follow/unfollow on a massive scale. It effectively replaces an army of humans interacting from your account manually. Tech’s going crazy these days!

The bot comes with an included insights and analytics research tool that can tell you exactly how your content performs on a grand scale. Any drains in your engagement rate can be found in a timely fashion and responded to properly when you have a service that checks your account’s vitals all the time.

This all comes combined into a single user dashboard from which you can have a clear sight over all the features of your account, campaigns, and content performance.

Also, Stellation Media is proud of its superb customer service. On Trustpilot they have an average score of 4.1/5 based on 180+ reviews. What’s more, they respond to every negative review in a friendly manner and explain exactly what went wrong. A top-performing software coupled with top-performing customer service? Count me in!


Yes, you’ve heard about services that offer Instagram likes, followers, views, and saves for sale. Have you heard of such services giving their goodies for free, though?

No jokes. Stormlikes offers a sample of their service for free, as a show of prowess of their tech expertise. And I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed!

Stormlikes generously provides every interested party with a free trial of 10 likes, without requesting anything in return. That’s right, no need to produce credit card numbers, personal data, no registration, not even a personal name. Shoot them a message, grab your 10 likes, and believe the fact that the rest of their services go as smoothly as that.

The usual basic and advanced features you’d expect from a pro Instagram promotional service apply to Stormlikes as well. From automated delivery and organic simulation patterns to complex targeting and detailed filtering of users and niches, these guys have thought about everything. Who in their right mind wouldn’t recommend them?


Is it safe to use bots?

This is not a question with a simple answer. The bots and services on this list are 100% safe to use. There’s no risk to your data, sensitive info, or account safety. However, it’s no secret that the social media marketing industry remains packed with malevolent people who only seek your money. They either don’t provide services at all, or in rarer cases they do provide rudimentary services that ultimately get you banned. I don’t know which one is worse, but we can all agree upon the fact that we don’t want neither to happen to us. While the online community uncovers these shady agencies, they either disappear or change their name, ready to fool a new batch of inexperienced Instagram content creators.

Good thing you have this list now to guide you, right?

Can I get banned for using bots?

Instagram has tight security policies. They exist in order to prevent people from spamming via fake accounts and therefore ruining the experience of genuine users. It would ruin the “social” part of social media if it would be rampant with fakes.

How do bots differ from fakes? Proper bot services automate chores, but don’t replace real users with artificial intelligence. If your growth came from farmed accounts, Instagram would eventually discover it and remove you from the platform. The software on this list relies on getting the attention of real people instead of inflating your follower and metrics number with fakes. You can automate chores, but you are not allowed to automate everything.

This is the thin line that shady companies often cross and thus get their clients into danger. But don’t worry, you’re safe with us.

Buying Followers vs. Organic Growth?

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a healthy mix here of services that offer a fixed number of followers and engagement and services that rely on organic growth. What’s the deal with those and is there any practical difference?

In short, there’s not much difference because even those services that offer fixed bundles ultimately rely on organic growth and act only as mediums. What’s different is that with fixed bundles you get what you pay for, while with organic growth you obtain services of a piece of software or dedicated account manager for a fixed amount of time, while the growth isn’t predetermined and depends on other factors.

To some it matters, to some it doesn’t–ultimately it falls upon you to choose what’s best for your case.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, no matter which service you pick from those listed above, you can expect increased Instagram growth and we vouch for every name on this list. Expanding your presence on Instagram can be a hell of a job, and near impossible if you’ve just created your account. But we believe in you. Don’t give up, turn to these guys instead and you’ll soon forget about the difficulties that you’ve come to beat. Good luck out there!

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