Leroy Merlin To Expand Its Workforce With 5,000 Jobs In Andalucía And Madrid

Leroy Merlin To Expand Its Workforce With 5,000 Jobs In Andaclucía And Madrid

Leroy Merlin To Expand Its Workforce With 5,000 Jobs In Andaclucía And Madrid. image: Wikipedia

Leroy Merlin To Expand Its Workforce With 5,000 Jobs In Andalucía And Madrid.

Leroy Merlin, the French multinational that specialises in DIY, construction, decoration, and gardening, is preparing a job hiring campaign throughout Spain. Most of the positions will be concentrated in the Community of Madrid and Andalucía, with 1,500 and 700 vacancies respectively- the rest at other branches across Spain.

Almost 2,000 prospective job seekers have already entered the selection processes for the summer period. Andalucía especially relies heavily on foreign tourism and this is seen as a way of breaking out of that stranglehold. Unemployment in the winter months is a common problem in the tourist areas of Spain and mainly affects teenagers who work under temporary contracts through the summer, as soon as winter approaches and tourists leave then they, the teenagers etc, are out of work until the next summer.

Given the difficult economic situation due to the pandemic, some companies have wanted to add more workers to their workforce and improve their working conditions, such as Ikea, Consum, Mercadona, or Spanish telecoms giant, Telefónica. Although the list of companies continues to grow, the latest to announce their openings for summer positions was Leroy Merlin.

The company is looking for 5,000 employees for the summer period – some of them even with the possibility of obtaining a permanent position once the summer is over. The HR technician and coordinator of centers Leroy Merlin, Verónica Yagüe, confirmed it a few days ago and of them, there are already 1,968 offers available to register that are distributed by all its centers in Spain, with Madrid and Andalucía with the most vacancies, in terms offer number refers.
The search for the company is exhaustive due to the number of different skill sets they need, requiring different levels of experience and qualifications: from salespeople and cashiers, through to logistics, section managers, and higher positions such as store managers or in the finance and marketing area.
Leroy Merlin expands
Hiring will begin in the month of May will last until the end of August. It should also be noted that the offers change depending on the area, requiring experts in carpentry, gardening or DIY depending on the section in which the position is required. A few skills that must be demonstrable with previous experience, to be able to get the position.
Those interested should enter their website to apply for one of these positions in the French multinational Leroy Merlin through this link.
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