Spain's Main Electricity Provider Endesa Will Invest Over €200 Million To Improve It's Service

Endesa and Iberdrola to renegotiate electricity contracts with customers

Endesa and Iberdrola to renegotiate electricity contracts with customers. image: Endesa

Spain’s Main Electricity Provider Endesa Will Invest Over €200 Million To Improve It’s Service With €80 Million Earmarked For Malaga.

Spain’s Main Electricity Provider, Endesa, has said it intends to invest more than €204 million euros to improve the provincial distribution network- goodbye to power cuts?

Endesa has announced an investment of over €204 million euros over the next three years in the distribution networks of the province of Malaga, of which more than €80 million will go to develop and improve the electrical network to increase the quality of the supply received by more than 1million Malaga customers.
This investment also means there will be significant job creation over the next few years of more than 590 jobs throughout the province of Andalucía.
The investment effort will focus on the distribution networks, facilitating the transition towards renewable energy and so it will focus its efforts on improving the digitization, reliability, resilience, flexibility and efficiency of the province’s distribution network, which has a total of 10,792 transformation centers, 65 substations and 25,103 kilometers of lines.
One of the axes of Endesa’s strategy is to use the tools provided by digitization to improve the quality of supply, which leads to allocate 42 million euros in Malaga to the automation of the Medium Voltage network and the installation of remote controls, that reduce the time to restore electricity service in the event of an incident by allowing remote control to be carried out and restoring the supply- this has been the subject of one of the main complaints against Endesa.
The Company has installed 7,562 remote controls in the distribution networks throughout Andalucía and plans to install 1,345 remote controls in Malaga in this three-year period until reaching 3,132 in 2023. In addition, about 224 line switches will be installed that act automatically in the event of incidents in the network, isolating faulty sections and restoring supply in the shortest possible time- about time!
In addition, €38.50 million euros will be allocated to reinforce and expand the High and Medium Voltage network, including the modernization of nine substations in the province of Malaga with the installation of communication systems for their integrated management and the commissioning of four new transformers. All this, to advance in the continuous path of improvement of supply quality, with a decrease in Tiepi (Equivalent Interruption Time of Installed Power) of 25 percent for 2023 and 30 percent for 2030.
On the Costa del Sol, work is also being concluded for the commissioning of three new 66/20 KV transformation substations, one of them in the municipality of Fuengirola, with a transformer with an installed power of 30 megawatts and four new ones. Medium Voltage lines to the Torreblanca and Benalmádena area. In addition, the municipality will have a new Medium Voltage line exit from the Fuengirola substation and the Mijas will have a new line exit from the Cortijo Colorao substation.
In the municipality of Marbella, the new San Pedro substation will be put into service, which was born with a transformation of 80 megawatts and is ready to serve 12 line exits. In addition, the power of the Elviria substation is increased by 20 megawatts. Endesa has scheduled a new Medium Voltage output from the Marbella substation to the city itself and another new Medium Voltage line output from the Costasol substation.
In Manilva, Endesa is going to build a new substation that will transform from 66 kilovolts to 20KV, with four Medium Voltage line outputs. In addition, it also plans to deploy new 66 KV High Voltage lines to increase the connection of the new Benahavís substation to the area network through a new double circuit.
Axarquía can expect a new substation in the town of Torrox that will carry out the transformation from 132 to 20 kilovolts and will have a power of 40 megawatts. Additionally, Endesa is going to build a new Medium Voltage line exit from the Axarquía substation to Vélez-Málaga and another line exit to improve the Torrox municipality network. In addition, it will provide the municipality of Benamocarra with double power supply, and a new transformer for the Casabermeja substation.
The areas that will benefit the most are: Marbella, Torrox, Rincón de la Victoria, Ronda will benefit. , Cártama, Pizarra, Coín, Álora, Vélez Málaga, Antequera, Casares, Gaucín, the Sierra Oeste de Málaga, the Costa el Sol and the City of Málaga itself, thus contributing to its economic reactivation. Perhaps now when it rains now we will still have power! RH
Source: Endesa

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