Spain Confirms International Tourism from June

Spain Confirms International Tourism from June

Spain Confirms International Tourism from June. Image: Wikimedia

Spain’s government has confirmed international tourism  from June.

THE government confirmed international tourism in Spain from June.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the Secretary of State for Tourism said that vaccine passports will be ready in June, allowing international tourists to visit.

Speaking at the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), Fernando Valdes said: “In June it will be ready to receive travellers.”

The meeting, which brings together more than 600 tourism representatives from 20 countries, also saw WTTC chief and CEO Gloria Guevara call for faster vaccinations.

The news comes after the head of Costa del Sol tourism, Francisco Salado, has confirmed the destination is still popular with British tourists.

Francisco Salado said there was still interest from British tourists for visiting the Costa del Sol this summer.

Speaking to Spanish press, the president of Costa del Sol tourism said reservations from British tourists are continuing to grow, but warned new infections could halt travel.

He added that an increase in vaccines would improve tourism for the summer, however, and said Malaga would continue to be the leader in economic growth in Andalucia.

Salado also airlines are offering 79,144 more seats to get to Malaga.

The officials said the countries where airlines are offering more seats to passengers travelling to Malaga are Spain 23,404, Morocco at 7,937, Germany at 6,156, France at 6,089), and the UK at 4,948.

He said: “We are convinced that we are a safe destination and we can offer absolute security guarantees to our potential visitors and we are working on that line.”

Politicians in Spain have spoken of the need to improve tourism this summer, with the government announcing vaccine passports from June in an effort to help tourism.

Travel chiefs have spoken of high interest in visiting Spain from Britons, who are looking at flights for areas including the Costa del Sol.