Boris Johnson’s Mobile Number Has Been Online for 15 Years

Boris Johnson’s Mobile Number ‘Has Been Online for 15 Years

Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Image: Wikimedia

Boris Johnson’s mobile phone number has been online for 15 years, it has emerged.

THE UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mobile number has reportedly been available online for 15 years, causing security concerns for the government.

According to the Independent newspaper, the prime minister’s phone number has been viewable by the public for 15 years.

Former UK national security adviser Lord Ricketts said there was an “increased risk” of crimes by hostile states or criminal gangs if Boris Johnson’s number has been available.

The ex-national security adviser said there was a risk from hostile agents and gangs after the number was reportedly online.

He said: “That must increase the risk that they’re able to eavesdrop on some at least of the communications that are going on, and possibly other non-state actors as well, like sophisticated criminal gangs.”

Meanwhile, Labour leader Keir Starmer said: “It’s obviously a serious situation. It carries a security risk. And he was warned about it. That tells its own story.”

He added: “I think a lot of people will be concerned not just about who’s got the number but who’s been using it.

“Because what’s come out in recent weeks is privileged access – those that can WhatsApp the Prime minister for favours.”

He said: “I changed my number when I became director of public prosecutions and I’ve kept my number secure since then.”

Labour MP Rachel Hopkins said the availability of the PM’s phone number had “obvious security and lobbying implications.”

She also suggested there was a risk of “blackmail” for the Prime Minister.