Police Investigate Waitress ‘for Using Customer’s Card’

Granada Youth Arrested For Possession Of Illegal Weapons

Granada Youth Arrested For Possession Of Illegal Weapons. Image: Wikimedia

POLICE in Granada are investigating a waitress after she was accused of using a customer’s bank card to go shopping.

Officer from the police are investigating the waitress after she allegedly used a customer’s card.

According to Spanish newspaper Ideal, the 19-year-old waitress is reportedly being investigated by the Guardia Civil in Granada for allegedly using a customer’s bankcard for shopping.

Police say the woman, who works in Granada, spent €132 on the card belonging to one of her customers after she allegedly found it and took it to go shopping.

According to the Guardia Civil, she used it three times in gas stations and 13 times in a shop before the card reached its daily limit.

The waitress reportedly used the card on April 10 before the owner reported it stolen on April 13.

Police then checked security footage at the places where the waitress had used the card to identify her.

The news comes after a robbery from a car in Malaga led to police solving a jewellery theft case.

The arrest of two men, aged 22 and 44, for the alleged robbery inside a car in the western part of the Malaga capital has solved another robbery committed in a jewellery store in the centre.

Plainclothes officers received a notice warning that two individuals had entered a vehicle by forcing door lock and had subsequently left the scene.

Police began a search and located two men who matched the description provided by Intelligent Command and Control Center. Officers noticed that they were throwing an object at the bottom of a vehicle and were trying to force open the door.

After identifying them, police arrested both men before searching them and finding 12 rings from a well-known firm.

Looking on police databases, they found that the jewels matched those stolen in a robbery in a jewellery store in the centre of the Malaga capital two days earlier. Thanks to the recording images from the shop and the similarity of the clothing they wore in both robberies, police were able to identify the investigators as the alleged perpetrators of this robbery in Malaga.