Police Arrest Pablo Iglesia’s Security Guards Over Riots At Political Rally

Police Arrest Pablo Iglesia's Security Guards Over Riots At Political Rally. image: Twitter

Police Arrest Pablo Iglesia’s Security Guards Over Riots At Political Rally.

Two security members of the Podemos Political Party in Spain have been arrested over their involvement in the riots against the VOX party that took place in Vallecas, Madrid recently.

In the first electoral act for 4-M, there were throwing of stones and cans at the attendees. The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, called a halt to the rally and demanded that the police remove the self-described anti-fascists.

The Police charged against the anti-fascist group, who were very close to the protesters, and broke up the riots. Later, upon reviewing the security cameras and the recordings of both the police and those attending the rallies, officers identified several of the instigators of the attacks.

The arrests that took place over the following days were those of two Podemos workers who are part of Pablo Iglesia’s personal escort team and include Alberto RR and Daniel JJ.

Both are among others arrested for not only participating in the attacks but instigating them and finally confronting the police with bricks, stones, and other objects. Others were detained for having radicals links to the Bukaneros organisation.

During the Vallecas rally, more than twenty people were treated for injuries, most of them officers from police riot units.

The detainees were later released on charges after their statements were taken. They are also employed by the private security firm of Podemos, which monitors the facilities of the Galapagar villa where Pablo Iglesias and his partner, Minister Irene Montero, reside.

The Vallecas event, which was Vox’s first campaign rally, returned a violent twist to what was expected of the campaign. Sources close to Podemos said a call was made to try to boycott the rally. Throughout the campaign, Abascal and Monasterio have unsuccessfully demanded the condemnation of Podemos over these attacks.

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, later accused the secretary-general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, of “sending” to the rally, “hired thugs to attack the police” and the crowd.

The president of Ciudadanos , Inés Arrimadas, demanded that Pablo Iglesias publicly condemn the aggression of the two members of his security team. “We condemn the aggression by the two members of Podemos to the police and we demand that Iglesias condemn this aggression and that they stop dreaming because they are not going to transfer that model of confrontation to the Community of Madrid,” Arrimadas said.


Source: las provincias


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