One in three Brits only washes sheets once a year

Experts recommend changing sheets once a week

A survey concluded that a third of Brits only change their bed sheets once a year and a disturbing 10 per cent of men only change their underwear after 10 uses!

The survey, carried out by Hammonds Furniture amongst 2,000 people in the UK, suggests that Brits would fail when it comes to their hygiene habits with one in three only washing the sheets once a year and has caused some disgust, especially from people in other countries who, they claim, wash their bed sheets much more frequently.

Customs vary from one country to another, but the fact that one in three Brits only washes sheets once a year is worrying, as doctors suggest that sheets should be changed at least once a week to prevent bacteria and mites from gathering. This frequency should be increased in the summer when body heat and external temperatures are higher and we sweat more. It is especially important if you don’t wear pyjamas.

It should also be increased if we have a cold to prevent viruses from remaining in the bed and causing further illness.

Bacteria and mites in the bed can prevent us from sleeping properly as well as causing skin problems, such as acne, as well as allergies and illness.

Your sheets also carry dead skin, dust and remains of cosmetic products.

The same survey showed that 36 per cent of Brits only wash blankets once a year, and possibly even worse, 18 per cent only wash their jeans once a year.

Meanwhile, it seems they take more care with towels, with 40 per cent washing them after every use and 45 per cent after every five uses.

Thankfully, 80 per cent wash their underwear after every use, although 25 per cent of men admitted to only washing their underpants after five wears (compared to 13 per cent of women), and 10 per cent of men and three per cent of women wash their undies after TEN wears!

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    • Susan Leighfield

      03 May 2021 • 14:19

      That’s just gross!

    • Susan Leighfield

      03 May 2021 • 14:19

      That’s just gross!

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