Taste for Mediterranean Diet Recovers in Spain’s Andalucia

Spain achieves presidency of United Nations World Food Security Committee

Spain achieves presidency of United Nations World Food Security Committee. Image: Wikimedia

Taste for Mediterranean Diet Recovers in Spain’s Andalucia. 

During the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Spain’s Andalucia has seen the taste for the Mediterranean diet recover. The pandemic has affected the eating habits of many Spanish residents and throughout the pandemic and the intake of vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, and sweets have been seen to increase.

The pandemic unfortunately has had a negative effect on many people’s mental health and according to the European Health Survey released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), up to 3 percent of the population have seen their mental health deteriorate. According to La opinion de Malaga, “This is the percentage of the Spanish population that has been added to those who already showed “little interest or joy in doing things” before March 2020.”

It also appears that fast food and soft drink consumption has been affected by the pandemic and has reduced. According to statistics provided by the INE, the percentage of the population who have problems with being able to fall asleep has grown by two percent. This means that now over 21 percent of the population have problems getting to sleep.

Citizens in Spain have been dramatically affected during the pandemic as unemployment rates have risen and the use of teleworking for those in work has grown. This has reduced the “feeling of tiredness” in many people and also affected their “lack of appetite” or “excessive food intake”.

The Coronavirus pandemic though has seen many people in Andalucia rediscover the Mediterranean diet. Intake of fresh fruit, meat, fish, and vegetables has increased while soft drink consumption has decreased. The intake of fast food has decreased by around one percent too.

The INE survey aimed to provide health information on the Spanish population to help with future planning for health-related actions. It was in 2014 that the previous survey was carried out.

This latest survey was designed by the European Union to be comparable and harmonised in order that the survey could be used in all European countries.

Source: laopiniondemalaga

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