How To Apply For A Public Health Card In Spain

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How To Apply For A Public Health Card In Spain.

SPAIN IS renowned for good public health care with primary healthcare services widely available across all regions. Eligibility to apply for the healthcare card must match certain criteria, such as an individual or their spouse must be contributing to the social security system. There are other factors that qualify to apply, for example, pensioners who reside in Spain and have a permanent residence certificate, children and dependants and also those who have recently separated or divorced from their partner who is registered with the system and contributes to it.

Every region in Spain has its own healthcare system and applying for your healthcare card can differ slightly depending on where you live. Usually, documents such as a copy of NIE or TIE, social security certificate and padrón certificate are necessary to start the application process. Once the application has been processed, a Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual (TSI) will be assigned to each individual, including children.

If based in Andalucia or The Canary Islands applications for the public health card are solely person at local healthcare centres. The original and copies of a NIE or TIE, your social security certificate and your padrón certificate are what is needed to start the application process. More information about the application process can be found here.

Applying in the Balearic Islands? Luckily, there are three options to choose from when registering an application. Either by phone, in person at the local health clinic or online using a digital certificate. Provide a copy of a NIE or TIE along with a recent colour photograph of yourself. Once the padrón and social security status has been verified and processed the card will be sent by post.

Residents in Valencia can apply in person at local health centres. Bring the social security certificate, the green residency certificate or TIE and the padrón certificate. Check out the local Government’s page to find out more information about the application process.

Meanwhile, in Catalonia, the public healthcare card is known as a CAP card (Centre d’Atenció Primaria). To register, attend the local clinic and fill out an application form. Bring the social security certificate, the green residency certificate, NIE or TIE and the padrón certificate. As a result of the Pandemic, applications for the CAP card can now be submitted online where the required documents can be uploaded. Once the application has been processed, it could take up to a month to arrive by post.

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