Spain Pushes Ahead With Its Goal Of Vaccinating 33 Million Citizens Between July And August

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Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Spain Pushes Ahead With Its Goal Of Vaccinating 33 Million Citizens Between July And August.

Spain’s end to the State of Alarm does not end the pandemic, but it does put it on the road to normality, with the goal of vaccinating 33 million citizens between July and August.

That milestone will make it possible to reach the long-awaited herd immunity that, supposedly, will reduce the risks of this virus that emerged towards the end of 2019. It will not end with it, experts have said, because even if developed countries will have managed by then to defend themselves with the vaccine, there will still be many more (developing countries) without any vaccines.

The risk will be there for a long time to come, experts say, and the uncertainty of how long the immunity of the current vaccines and their efficacy against new or future variants will last.

The use of masks, hand washing, and social distancing will be maintained until herd immunity is reached. This has been indicated by Ministry of Health officials, who are confident that these measures will keep the virus at bay. Although they have warned that it is possible that these measures will be maintained through to the second half of the year, especially the wearing of masks, although while inside public spaces, as they have already done in Israel and Gibraltar, which is where the majority of the populations has been vaccinated.

In most of the Spanish territories, there are no longer any limitations on movement between communities, nor between provinces. Although it should be clarified that it will be necessary to be aware of the regulations decreed by individual regional health authorities in relation to neighbourhoods, basic health areas, municipalities, and counties which, due to their epidemiological situation, (high incidence rates), remain closed.

For travel outside Spain, the Ministry Of Health recommends Europe and preferably for the summer, where the percentage of vaccinated is higher (the 70 per cent population target is common to the entire European Union).

The forecasts on the implementation of the digital green certificate (better known as the Covid passport), initially planned for the end of June, could be delayed as the amendments approved by the European Parliament have yet to be incorporated.

The current rules for health centres and hospitals (prior appointments, telephone controls, reduction of visits to a hospitalised person…) will be maintained beyond the summer. And will possibly continue for the next six months, albeit with more face-to-face care in health centers.

One of the good things about this pandemic has been and continues to be the use of masks in healthcare centres, which clearly reduces infections. The same is true of the limitations on visiting the sick. José Martínez Olmos, professor at the Andalucian School of Public Health, is in favour of these measures remaining in place over time because of their health benefits. Hospital pressure will begin to fall considerably as vaccinations increase, leading the way for defended appointments to be reinstated.

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