Tourists In Malaga Occupied Over 16,000 Private Properties Last Year

Tourists In Malaga Occupied Over 16,000 Private Properties Last Year

Tourists In Malaga Occupied Over 16,000 Private Properties Last Year.

SPAIN is the third European country with the most tourist homes and is just behind France and Italy. The country ended last year with more than 450,000 accommodations of this type registered with rental platforms such as Expedia, Vrbo, Airbnb, Booking or TripAdvisor.

However, the supply is distributed unevenly throughout the country. Andalucia is the region where there are more tourist housing places, specifically 456,420, followed by Catalonia (371,286) and the Valencian Community (308,935).

The Andalucian Ministry of Tourism has registered 16,322 private rentals in the last year. In the province of Malaga, there are currently 40,592 registered homes for tourism purposes (VFT) and 214,492 beds available.

According to data from the Andalucian Tourism Registry, homes for tourism purposes have noticed an upward trend over the last three years, and the number of places has been increasing.

Tourists Numbers In Malaga On The Rise

This increase is due, paradoxically, to the health crisis, since despite the fact that the visit of tourists to the Costa del Sol has dropped considerably, “It is true that during the pandemic, the number of occupied places has increased since tourists prefer private homes for tourism purposes, they think they are safer and have more private spaces, without the crowding you get in a hotel,” said the Secretary of Hospitality and Tourism of CCOO at the national level, Gonzalo Fuentes.

In 2019, there were 30,149 homes for tourism purposes and 157,486 places registered in the province of Malaga; In 2020, and despite the pandemic, the registered homes in the city increased by 7,596, “although there are part of these homes that have remained empty and closed since hardly any tourists have visited the province,” he added.

The Andalucian Tourist Housing Association (AVVA) said that “27 per cent have gone and 40 per cent of the places have been changed from vacation rentals to long-term rental properties.”

The registration for a house or tourist apartment is carried out by means of a responsible declaration of the owner where it is declared that it meets the requirements, be it dimensions, rooms, and service. When the inspectors review the file and discover that the establishment does not meet the requirements that the owner had declared, the places assigned to it are cancelled.

But one of the main problems that this sector has is the lack of inspectors since there are only eight inspectors for the more than 40,000 tourist apartments in the province. “In Malaga, it has gotten out of hand, the Andalucian decree requires very specific conditions and it is impossible to verify whether they comply or not because there are no inspectors. Silence is positive for those who do not comply,” Fuentes emphasised – meaning some people get away with not paying any taxes.

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