TM Real Estate Group revolutionises Benidorm’s skyline with its new venture: SUNSET CLIFFS and an investment of 86 million euros

TM Real Estate Group revolutionises Benidorm's skyline with its new venture: SUNSET CLIFFS and an investment of 86 million euros

  • The launch of Sunset Cliffs, the residential development located in Benidorm, once again confirms the company’s firm commitment to this area. With this project, TM has invested a total of 166 million euros as part of its overall plan, in which it plans to invest more than 325 million euros.

Madrid, April 29th, 2021 – TM Real Estate Group, a leading company in the residential tourism sector in Alicante, specialising in the construction and development of second homes along the Mediterranean coast, presents one of its most iconic projects to date on the Costa Blanca, the Sunset Cliffs residential development.

This new development, located in Benidorm and which has involved an investment of 86 million euros for the company, consists of 2 towers of 280 homes in total.  The first tower has 122 homes and is 24 storeys high, and the second tower has 158 homes and is 30 storeys high. The Sunset Cliffs project has been designed by the team of architects of “Morph Estudio” and its Director César Frias, a project designed to make the most of the virtues of the surroundings with an ambitious and elegant formal proposal.

Sunset Cliff

Sunset Cliffs refers to the architecture of its buildings, the two large towers of the residential complex simulate the rocks (cliffs) found in the sea. The sensation of living in the homes is as if you are floating in the sea or are in it. With this project, TM continues to revolutionise the Benidorm skyline, continuing the development of unique projects such as the renowned Sunset Waves and Sunset Drive.

This project shows, once again, TM Real Estate Group’s firm commitment to one of the main tourist destinations in our country. Despite the health crisis and the serious effects this has had on the city of Benidorm and more specifically on residential tourism, TM continues to keep up the pace with 2 residential projects (Sunset Waves, currently for sale, and the new Sunset Cliffs) and other important infrastructure and urban improvement projects which will contribute to the sustainable development of the city. Actions, in which they have been during 2020 and are currently working more than 100 companies from different trades and an average of 200 people.

Sunset Waves

Since 2018 when they started their action in the west sector with the largest land acquisition in its history, the investment already executed so far in Benidorm has been 166 million euros. This figure, which is set to grow over time, is expected to reach 326 million euros by 2030.

“At TM Real Estate Group, despite the ravages of COVID-19, we have opted for business continuity, a decision we have taken with courage and respect, as a sign of our commitment to our stakeholders.

We have a firm belief in residential tourism, as evidenced by the desire of foreigners to buy a property on the Spanish coast, and especially in the Mediterranean, due to mobility restrictions,” said Pablo Serna, Managing Director of TM Real Estate Group.

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