Marbella City Council's Property Assets Increase by €31 Million

Marbella Council's property Assets Increase by €31 Million

Source: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA CITY council property assets increased by 31 million euros in 2020. The value of the municipal inventory went from 617.5 million euros in 2019 to 648.7 million euros which was quantified on December 31, according to the spokesperson for the local government, Félix Romero, as reported by La Opinion de Malaga.
According to the mayor Maria Angeles Munoz, the increase was due to the incorporation of urban real estate from assignments by obligation provided for in the urban planning law and of properties obtained with favourable judgments for cases of corruption and not for acquisitions with resources from the Consistory.
It is believed that the City Council studies which properties it assumes to be used for public services and which ones it will allocate to public auction to obtain liquidity. “This significant increase has to do with urban management and the responsible work that the City Council is doing,” stated the municipal spokesman.
Of the nearly 650 million of the inventory, the two most important items are those of goods destined for public use, whose value is around 268.5 million euros; and that of those assigned to the public service, which totals 271.4 million. In addition, the amount of municipal land assets is around 52.4 million euros; and that of other equity value sits at 56.2 million euros.
Romero also announced that the report corresponding to the fiscal year 2020 of the Economic-Administrative Court, a municipal administrative body that processes appeals on taxation and issues opinions regarding the modifications of tax ordinances, includes a “slight increase” with respect to the files processed in 2019.

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    • David Wilding

      25 May 2021 • 10:54

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      A vaccinator at the San Pedro Vaccination Centre confirmed this policy and when asked when the 60-67 age could expect to be vaccinated, she replied, “no time soon as we do not have any AstraZeneca vaccine and we are not expecting any for the foreseeable future, it could be months”.
      This is a scandal as a group rated vulnerable by the Andalusia authorities is being denied access to a vaccine while far less vulnerable groups are being vaccinated in their thousands. The result of this policy will undoubtedly result in people being admitted unnecessarily into hospital and possible deaths.
      David Wilding – Marbella

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