5 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Log Home

5 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Log Home

Living in a log cabin gives you an incredible experience. They have a very real, warm, and cheerful touch that you won’t find in most traditional homes.

Further, living in a log cabin will bring you closer to nature and give you a sense of achievement as well. Are you planning to build a log house? If yes, then there are many things that you need to consider before building a log home.

Although there are many benefits of living in a log cabin, it’s important that you are realistic about what building a log home will actually involve. In this article, we have listed things that you need to know so you can make an informed decision about the practicalities of building a log home.

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Cost of a wooden cottage

Because of their unique features, log homes are more expensive than stick-built counterparts. The cost of a log home depends on the size, form of construction, timbers used, and the preferences of the owner.

A log cabin can be constructed from a variety of woods. Some of these are of outstanding quality and may potentially survive for more than four decades. Maestro Cabins collaborate with you to design your ideal cottage with quality material while staying within your budget.

When you opt for Maestro Cabins, there will be no hidden cost. We work together with you to create your dream cottage that will suit your budget.

Energy efficiency

It is true that the log cabin is energy efficient, but they only help you save utility bills if they are made of quality wood. The type of wood you pick, construction material, and maintenance are all factors that can affect the energy efficiency of the log home.

Therefore, it is important to choose quality wood and construction material to make log home energy efficient. Maestro Cabins use only the highest quality, certified northern spruce from Sweden, Finland, and Siberia.

We also use quality plastic gaskets and advanced foam sealants to reduce air leakage. All these things can help us build an energy-efficient log home that can last for decades.

Log walls settle and shrink

It is common for log homes, including those constructed with kiln-dried logs, to settle and shrink slightly. Logs shrink because a living tree has high moisture content and begins to release water as soon as it is felled.

Air-dried logs still contain 15-20% moisture; the logs will continue to lose moisture until they reach their equilibrium moisture content (ECM). When moisture evaporates from the log, the log walls settle and shrink, causing the logs to crack.

But, if your home is built with quality wood that is completely dry, then there will be no issue of settling and shrinking. Maestro Cabins only use dry logs that are of the best quality to build log homes.

Big windows are expensive

There is no doubt that the window walls can make space appear larger, but they can also be a significant source of heat loss. Further, installing big windows in log homes can be expensive.

You can enjoy the outside views while maintaining good energy efficiency by having a few small, well-placed windows. Also, you can getthe most out of the sun’s energy if the majority of your windows are on the south side of your log home.

Maestro Cabins are experts in designing log cabins with large windows without affecting the energy efficiency of your home. We work in different climate countries and have a wide knowledge of cabin durability.

Ongoing maintenance

All houses, including log homes, need repairs. Over time, the wood may absorb moisture and expand or contract, causing air leaks. Further, the moisture may also cause rot and insects, including ants as well as termites.

Therefore, it is important to purchase waterproof and insecticide-treated logs to build the log home. Maestro Cabins use premium quality logs to build wooden cabins. Also, we apply a quality sealant to ensure the log homes remain in good condition for years.

We offer log home inspection, too, as this will help in identifying the potential threat to your log home early. Regular maintenance of the log cabin reduces insect, UV, water, and air infiltration damage.

Final Words

It’s important to be rational about the various aspects of log home construction. You will begin to make educated decisions about the practicalities of constructing a log home once you understand these aspects.

You can take the help of Maestro Cabins to build the log cabin of your dreams.

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