Racism is most definitely not a one way street!

Not a one way street!

SKIN COLOUR: Attitudes are pushing racism to the extreme.

SO, once again I find myself on the defence against accusations of racism. Not that it worries me unduly. Primarily because I abhor the very idea of evaluating one human being against another on the grounds of ethnic background or appearance; I only judge people by their actions!

Secondly because I am fully aware that playing the racist card is always the last resort of those engaged in the ongoing vendetta against the purveyors of free speech. I am also a long term antagonist of the fact that these suppressers of truth are always trying to imply that only the white population can be racist.

This is the attitude of the extreme left, which is actually pushing racism to pinnacles of unrest the UK has never before witnessed. It is glaringly obvious to anyone who watches TV that large numbers of actors; particularly in commercials, are being selected exclusively for the colour of their skin or ethnic origins.

This is pure reversed racism and is actually now beginning to cause concern among struggling white performers. It is also an insult to the public’s intelligence to deny that the ethnic populace is allowed to get away with far greater demonstrations and accusations of racism than Caucasians could ever be.

The white citizens are actually becoming terrified to speak out in case they are accused and even prosecuted for misconstruing the (ever changing) interpretations of so called racism. Many are even totally confused on how to address people of colour.

An example of this type of racial inequality was aired on British TV just last week. A half dozen extremely successful young black female pop singers were gathered together to discuss racism in the music profession.

I was astounded to hear these young ladies, some with tears dripping on to their designer gear, bewailing just how hard it had been for them to succeed because of ‘white prejudice’ in the music business and asking why there are so few black performers in the their profession! Err, just a minute. In the first place, it’s hard for everyone in the pop business, fat, thin, black, white, male, female, or otherwise.

In the second place the profession has always been awash with black performers. Most of the all-time greats in Jazz and early rock n roll have been black. In the 50s and 60s it was the ilk of Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey and Johnny Mathis etc. We also enjoyed the glorious days of Motown, when the charts were positively rammed with wonderful black artists.

The most successful rappers, apart from Eminem, are all black. The list is unending. No I’m sorry this was a programme of wholly undeserved racist accusations, against people in an industry which is probably the most unbiased of all as regards to race and colour. Had the positions been reversed and a panel of white performers been protesting against the dominance of black artistes there would have been a public outcry.

And this to me sums up the whole sorry state of affairs. I maintain ALL racism to be totally unacceptable; but assert most emphatically – it is not a one way street!

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