The Devastating Effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in India

The Devastating Effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in India

India has become one of the countries that the coronavirus pandemic has hit the most with devastating effects.

At the beginning of April, the positivity rate of coronavirus in China increased at high speed. The number of coronavirus cases recorded on 12th May 2021 was 362,727. The number of deaths recorded on the same day was 4,120. This is the highest number of coronavirus deaths recorded in one country since the onset of the pandemic.

The high number of coronavirus cases has overwhelmed the country’s healthcare system. Most hospitals are no longer admitting patients due to insufficient resources such as beds, oxygen, and medical practitioners.

Videos recorded from India’s healthcare facilities indicate how the hospitals have been overwhelmed by the pandemic. The videos show patients lying outside the hospitals and others sharing hospital beds. Other videos have been recorded showing patients lose their love at the doors of the hospitals.

The shortage of oxygen has also contributed to the overwhelming number of health centers. The Indian government has urged donors worldwide to help its country by donating oxygen and funds to purchase the coronavirus vaccine. Vaccinating many Indians will play a significant role in reducing the number of infections.

Various companies across the world have dedicated their resources to manufacture the coronavirus vaccine. This will make it easy for countries to access the vaccine. India is one of the most affected countries globally and has focused its resources on purchasing the vaccine.

The health care practitioners do not have enough personal protective gear (PPEs), which has increased the virus’s rate among healthcare workers. The healthcare workers directly interact with the Covod-19 patients. Therefore, without the proper protective gear, it has become nearly impossible for them to avoid being infected.

A reduction in the number of health practitioners in the country will highly affect the effectiveness of the health centers. This means that patients will not have enough doctors and nurses to take care of them. In turn, the number of deaths resulting from insufficient medical care will increase.

The journalists in the country have reported that more than bodies are being cremated each day. The journalists point out that this number is higher than the number of death cases reported by the government.

Testing capacity is not sufficient to know the exact number of cases or deaths in the country. Consequently, The number of infections is higher than the government is reporting. Therefore, the situation in India is expected to get worse.

India has a total population of 1,391,679,242. This explains the reason why it has been challenging to manage the spread of the virus. In a country where the population is this high, social distancing is a challenge. If people do not observe social distancing, it will be nearly impossible for India to control the spread of the infections.

The situation in India has attracted international attention since the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase. Countries and organizations have offered to make donations to help in fighting the pandemic. Twitter has donated to three Indian NGOs to help fight the pandemic. Vitalik has also donated coins worth $1billion to help India fight the virus.

If people wish to create a donation page, they can do so by following simple steps. A donation page will help in raising funds to fight the pandemic in India. These funds can be used to buy hospital supplies such as oxygen and PPEs. The lack of these resources has highly contributed to the increased number of deaths and new infections. Therefore, if these supplies are made available, the country will highly reduce the number of coronavirus deaths and new illnesses, especially healthcare practitioners.

The international donations help the local communities a lot in accessing items that will help manage the infections. The devastating second wave of the pandemic has affected both the rural and urban areas of the nation. If the global community does not help reduce the spread of infections, the country might not control deaths. Hence, donations are what India needs to fight the pandemic and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the world.

The current coronavirus infections in India are caused by a mutant of the virus, which has proved to be deadlier than the original virus. Different countries worldwide have banned travel to and from India to prevent the spread of the mutant. The WHO has advised other countries to be on the lookout for the new variant. The variant has already spread in other countries, and if measures are not taken to curb its spread, the world might be faced by a pandemic it cannot control.

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