Kitten invasion

Kitten invasion

DUMPED KITTENS: Safe now, thanks to PAWS-PATAS Photo credit: PAWS-PATAS

THE cute kittens in the photo accompanying this article would be dead if PAWS-PATAS had not taken them in.

“Please, please, please stop leaving very young kittens at our shelter gates,” begged Chrissie Cremore, the Los Gallardos animal shelter’s acting vice-president.

“We are at breaking point and cannot give them all the love and attention they need,” she said.  “Nor do we have the space to accommodate them all.”

Chrissie told the Euro Weekly News that 32 kittens had been abandoned in the previous three weeks, as well as others that PAWS-PATAS has arranged to help.

Aged between four and eight weeks, most were snatched from their mothers, crowded into a box or carrier and left at the shelter gates in the early hours of the morning.

“They are incredibly stressed, cold and often dehydrated, riddled with parasites and semi-feral,” Chrissie said.  “Some have health issues that will take many weeks to overcome.”

The PAWS-PATAS cattery’s facilities are small, and they have been forced to put the latest batch of kittens into caravans which normally accommodate overseas volunteers.

“Please sterilise your cats! If you need help to do this, we can assist,” declared PAWS-PATAS committee member Babs Williams.

“We will do all we can to stop this endless stream of unwanted kittens being born, but we also need your help to do this. We have actively helped to Trap, Neuter and Return 232 feral and colony cats in the last four months and will continue our TNR campaign as long as our funds allow.”

PAWS-PATAS receives no statutory funding, so donations are greatly needed to help them stop more kittens being born.

“As always we are in desperate need of more volunteers,” Chrissie said.  “Can you spare a few hours per week? It would make a massive difference to us as we are at breaking point.

For more information about TNR, email or to learn more about volunteering.

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