Employment Recovery in Spain Estimated Close to 80% Pre-Pandemic

Employment Recovery in Spain Estimated Close to 80% Pre-Pandemic

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EMPLOYMENT RECOVERY in Spain estimated close to 80% pre-pandemic. The Second Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, has described as “very positive” the unemployment data and Social Security affiliation for the month of May released this Wednesday and has assured that almost 80% of jobs have been recovered that were lost during the first wave of the pandemic.

As reported by La Opinion de Malaga, Calviño emphasized during the inauguration of the Aslan 2021 Congress that “The Spanish economy has already entered a new phase, the recovery is underway and this is what all the economic indicators show us”. The minister stressed that a way out of this unprecedented crisis is being seen very different from the previous one, “largely thanks to the measures deployed since March of last year,” she remarked.

The economic manager explained that almost 212,000 jobs were created in May and the number of affiliates prior to the pandemic has already been recovered. Unemployment has fallen by more than 129,300 people, which is “the largest drop in unemployment registered in May in the entire historical series.”

In addition, she highlighted that the number of workers in ERTE continues to fall to below 544,000, which is twice the rate of departure of workers in ERTE during May compared to the rate of departure in April. Given these figures, Calviño stressed that Spain faces “a historic opportunity” for the exit from this crisis not to be limited to a rebound but to lead to “stronger and more sustained” growth.

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