Move your workout routine to your own space and time

Move your workout routine to your own space and time

Work out in your own time

WITH gyms closed, movement restricted and sports facilities unavailable during the pandemic, the whole fitness scene disappeared.

No? Of course it didn’t! It simply shifted. Where to? Just take a look online!

And it’s not just in one place, it’s all over the internet. Where you go to get your ideal fitness training is up to you. Move your workout routine online.

You could start with social media app TikTok. A lot of fitness trainers have headed to TikTok to share their workouts. You can work out with people who keep you engaged and focused about your training. Be careful that you find proper, certified trainers who can make sure that exercise correctly and avoid injury.

Amongst the different options, there is a growing preference for the so-called lunchtime workouts, which can be done during a break of between 10 to 15 minutes. Short but intensive workouts will keep you motivated and consistent.

If a speedy training session is just not for you, there is no need to compromise, look for something which focuses on unwinding and relaxing as well as keeping fit. Yoga, Pilates and other exercise can help you to focus on your breathing and reconnect your mind and body.

All trainers agree on one thing: that with the more sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, it is important to keep fit in other ways, but not only physically, but also mentally, to keep the stress of confinement and uncertain times at bay.

Workout sessions are not the only wellness option which has gone online, the energy healing practice of Reiki has also kept up with the times and Reiki masters are now trained to send their healing powers to their clients wherever they may be, based on the fact that energy is not confined to one place and can be sent anywhere. Experts say that Reiki can help enormously with stress and inflammation and contribute to eliminating toxins from the body. Remote sessions can assist in releasing tension and dispersing fears, especially important in regaining balance in your life.

Move your workout routine online if it will help you to stick to it instead of having to head to the gym.

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Jennifer Leighfield, born in Salisbury, UK; resident in Malaga, Spain since 1989. Degree in Translation and Interpreting in Spanish, French and English from Malaga University (2005), specialising in Crime, Forensic Medicine and Genetics. Published translations include three books by Richard Handscombe. Worked with Euro Weekly News since November 2006. Well-travelled throughout Spain and the rest of the world, fan of Harry Potter and most things ‘geek’.