It’s all about the blame game, but whose fault is it really?

Prince Harry.

It’s all about the blame game, but whose fault is it really?

I’ve been watching and reading stuff about Prince Harry and Prince Charles and it seems to me that Harry has decided that his dad wasn’t a great dad as far as being a good role model.

Harry has been getting some stick for it too but I actually get where he is coming from, after all, Charles’ treatment of Harry’s mum was disgusting. All through their courtship and marriage Charles was having an affair with Camila and was just using Princess Diana to knock out an heir and a spare.

Everybody in the Royal Family knew and it looked like it was quite acceptable. So it’s not surprising that when Harry got older there was resentment for his father and ‘The Firm’ for their treatment of his mum, and in his opinion, towards Harry’s wife too.

It reminds me a bit of Bobby Moore. I knew his son Dean pretty well until his death some years ago. Dean was a troubled soul and one day we were talking about how it was being the son of an English legend and hero.

Wherever he went he was introduced as Bobby’s son. He saw statues of his dad and everybody said how much they loved him and what a great man he was. But Dean had a slightly different view because, apart from remembering what a great footballer he was, Dean’s memory was that he was the man that cheated on his mum with another woman and wrecked his home life.

But, of course, no-one ever realised how that messed up Dean’s life and, in the end, actually cost him his life too.

On a different subject I was parking my car the other day and the only space available was hard to get into because the car next to me had parked so badly. Its back end was over the white line which meant that my car had to go over the white line on the other side.

The thing is that when I got back the offending car had gone which left mine looking like I had parked badly. I knew it wasn’t my fault and I felt like shouting out ‘It’s not my fault, I was forced to park like this.’

It’s a bit like when you come out of the loo on an aeroplane when someone hasn’t cleaned up properly and you want to say to the next person that it wasn’t your mess! No-one believes you. It’s just the blame game.

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