Mercadona Dark Chocolate Helps Prevent Weight Gain

Nestle pulls popular brands out of Russia following fierce criticism

Nestle pulls popular brands out of Russia following fierce criticism. Source: pixabay/AlexanderStein

MERCADONA RELEASES healthier chocolate that helps to prevent weight gain. Dark chocolate is gaining popularity in Spain. Bars with a high cocoa content have become part of the diet of many consumers due to their health benefits and their low-fat content. According to Every Day Health, eating a small quantity of dark chocolate a day is good for your heart and may also improve brain function, alleviate stress and lower the risk of diabetes.

The Mercadona supermarket chain has been selling chocolate bars with a percentage of cocoa greater than 70% for some time. However, the one that attracts the most attention and is becoming a ‘top seller’ is Hacendado’s 99% Cacao chocolate bar. The ingredients used to make this product are cocoa paste, cocoa powder and cocoa butter, with no added sugars or sweeteners, hence why many choose this healthier alternative.

As reported by 20 Minutos, experts recommend consuming one to two ounces of dark chocolate a day. Among its many benefits, dark chocolate stands out for its high content of flavonoids, which act on cholesterol and blood pressure, as reflected in research carried out by the Institute of Food and Nutrition Science and Technology (ICTAN).

Mercadona sells this 99% cocoa chocolate in a 100-gram bar for only €1.50. The Valencian chain declared in a statement that this product is also among the best sellers of the supermarket selling more than 8,000 units a day. The manufacturer of this chocolate is Imperial Produtos Alimentares, a company of Portuguese origin that makes this bar in Azurara de Vila do Conde, Portugal.

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