Covid Crisis Reduces the Number of Tourist Accommodation in Malaga

Covid Crisis Reduces the Number of Tourist Accommodation in Malaga

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COVID CRISIS has reduced the number of tourist accommodation in Malaga. The experts that had been warning of the impact that the Covid health crisis was having on tourist housing are now endorsing their statements with the data to support their statements. The update released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) confirms a certainly significant reduction in this type of accommodation offer in the province of Malaga and in its main municipalities.
As reported by Malaga Hoy, last February the total number of these homes was 31,736, compared to the 34,567 that was listed in August last year. This implies a loss of 2,831 properties, which is a decrease of 8.2%. These properties currently have the capacity for 164,765 spaces, dropping to 13,351 which accounts for a difference of almost 7.5%. 
What happened in Malaga is not exclusive, since the trend is similar throughout Spain. An obvious consequence of the closure of borders that has prevented the arrival of tourists from abroad for several months or of the measures that have prohibited free movement between provinces and communities. In the absence of demand, the effect seems to have been clear, much of the supply has chosen to convert their rentals designed for short-term visitors to a longer-term model.
Despite this reduction, Malaga remains the second province in the entire country with the most homes of this type. Only Alicante is ahead, with 33,391 homes, compared to 35,716 in the period previously analyzed. The other four provinces with the highest figures are the Balearic Islands, with 27,703 homes (compared to 29,237 in August); Barcelona, ​​with 22,635 (25,956 in August); Girona, with 19,137 (22,106 in August), and Madrid, with 17,802 (19,597 in August).

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