Man Steals €100,000 from Sister-in-law and Replaces with Paper Clippings

Man Steals €100,000 from Sister-in-law and Replaces with Paper Clippings

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NATIONAL POLICE officers have arrested a 55-year-old man of Spanish nationality in Malaga, after allegedly entering the house of his sister-in-law, with keys copied from the originals and stealing €100,000 from her house. According to the investigations, the investigated seized the keys of his relative made a copy of them and then returned them to their previous location so as not to raise suspicions.
As reported by Malaga Hoy, the suspect entered the house in the absence of its residents, took the money from a hiding place located in the furniture and replaced the bundles of bills with newspaper clippings. The events were reported by a neighbour after realizing that she was missing €100,000 that she kept in her home, the National Police have specified in a statement.
The investigation, carried out by the Robbery group of the Malaga Provincial Police Station, focused on the immediate surroundings of the complainant, once it was found that the accesses to the house did not show signs of having been forced and that the interior was not disturbed.
After collecting extensive information on the family and work environment of the injured party, the investigations led to the arrest on June 1 of the alleged perpetrator of the robbery, who turned out to be a brother-in-law of the victim, as well as the recovery of a large part of the money stolen. Officers concluded that the suspect took advantage of a family gathering to secretely steal the keys and then access the property to carry out the robbery.

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