How to create a productive office environment

Improving the physical environment of your office space will help towards creating a more productive work force. Employees that feel comfortable in a space will be able to focus more on the tasks at hand. Making office life all the more effective. It can also have a big impact on profit. According to studies, a content workforce is said to boost productivity by 13%, thereby potentially boosting profits.

Dedicated spaces

Defining spaces for specific tasks is very important. Meetings that are going on in the main part of the office can disturb others and distract them from their tasks. Make sure to have a few meeting rooms and some areas where employees can make phone calls in peace. If you have a large open plan office then adding screens and plants will help define areas and absorb some of the noise.

Lighting and colour

Adding the right lighting and colour to the office space may seem trivial, but it is a great way to create the right atmosphere within the office. Most people know how mood boosting a sunny day can be, which is why it’s key to make sure that workspaces are properly lit. You could even provide extra individual desk lamps for each person so they can be in control of their own space. Having the right wall colour can have a big impact on productivity.The colour blue in particular is said to boost work performance.

Office supply inventory

Ensure office stationery is always fully stocked. Have an inventory of all items that are needed on a regular basis. Pay special attention to items that are not as visible i.e. check that all toner and printer cartridges are full and not about to run out. If you need any supplies check out TonerPartner. This can be easily overlooked, similarly If you have an office kitchen then ensure there is plenty of coffee tea, milk, and sugar.


Incentives not only help to boost the morale of employees, but offering some extra perks can help to recharge batteries especially on difficult working days. There are quite a few ideas out there. A weekly brunch or lunch for example is a great way to relax and encourages colleagues to get to know each other in a more casual way. After work drinks can also help create a positive atmosphere with the workforce. Providing these events can make an employee feel more valued.

Implementing just a few of these ideas adds to the wellbeing of employees and can encourage staff to return to the office as more and more office workers opt to stay at home at the moment.

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