Andalucians Under 40 Can Make Vaccine Appointment Next Week

Andalucians Under 40 Can Make Vaccine Appointment Next Week

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ANDALUCIANS UNDER 40 can make a vaccine appointment from next week. The Junta de Andalucia plans to start summoning “at the end of next week” the population under 40 years of age in the community to receive the covid-19 vaccine. This was announced this Tuesday, June 8, by the Minister of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior and spokesman for the Andalucian Executive, Elías Bendodo, at the press conference after the usual weekly meeting of the Governing Council.

As reported by Malaga Hoy, the spokesman for the Board has defended that Andalucia is “at the head of the vaccination rate of the autonomous communities”, which has led the Andalucian administration to “advance three weeks” ahead of its vaccination plan. He has highlighted that “at the end of this week” the Andalucian Health Service is going to start calling “those born in 1980” for their vaccination, and “at the end of next week we will start calling people who are under 40 years in Andalucia “, something that was initially “planned for the first week of July”, as recalled by the spokesperson.

Bendodo has pointed out that as of this Tuesday, June 8, “50% of the target population of Andalucia”, that is, “half of Andalucians over 16 years of age, have already received a dose” of the vaccine, and “almost two million Andalucians are immunized with the two doses.” He commented that the vaccination rhythm of Andalucia aspires to make possible the objective that “the summer season can run as normally as possible”, and that it can “reach the end of this month of June with 70 % of the target population vaccinated, which was the objective set by the Andalucian Government”.


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