What is your ideal floor and what level are you ‘really’ living on?

YOUR IDEAL CHOICE: Now is the time to make up your mind.

What is your ideal floor and what level are you ‘really’ living on?

Have you experienced being in an elevator when the doors open to a busy, chaotic, noisy floor full of confusion and stress with people rushing around with what appears to be no real direction?

You feel a sense of relief that you are not getting off on that particular floor and experience calm as the doors close. The doors open at another floor which is incredibly dull, lifeless and boring and by that same token you feel grateful that this also isn’t your floor.

It’s easy to be on the outside passing judgment in other people’s lives, but not easy to see clearly when we are going through the everyday routine of life whether it’s full of stress and chaos or dull and mundane. We become accustomed to living the way we live and tend to accept things as they are. ‘’Well, that’s just life.’’ As you all too often hear.

So, what is your ideal floor and what level are you ‘really’ living on?

It would be wonderful to simply switch to another floor and elevate yourself to a better place. However, too many of us are stuck where we are and, in some ways, too frightened to press that button to make a change for the better.

So, why is this and why do we get so stuck in a situation that we would prefer not to be in?

Fear of the unknown and fear of change tends to prevail over our current lives and therefore the outcome we would really like tends to slot into second place. Fear wins every time.

The idea of change is exciting and there is a big part of us that desires change but it doesn’t happen. So how do you get off that particular floor of life and join the ranks of those passing by in the elevator going to places you could only have hoped?

Once you have a made that decision to change, add a few ingredients – belief, faith and trust in your ability. You often hear people say; “well, if they can do it then so can I.” This is because they have experienced another, not unlike themselves, achieve something they too want to achieve. The reality of their experience will give a sense of belief and the urge one to take action as it feels so much more achievable.

Ignore the negativity of others, for they will remain stuck on their own floor of life, the very same you will be closing the doors to as you move on to new heights.

When you are in the process of achieving your worthwhile goal or purpose, you will find a sense of happiness and fulfilment as you progress forward.

The brave decision alone to change floors, will if anything, ignite roaring fires of excitement and hope.

So, which floor are you living on and which floor would you really like to go to? There are only so many tomorrows, if you really want to do something, now is the time!

You have a choice, continue to be driven by your fears or allow yourself to be driven by what you really want in order to expand, grow and up-level.

Rob Shallis                             

Robert Shallis’ opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.

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