Cruella’s £500,000 glasses stolen from Sloane Square shop

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Cruella’s £500,000 glasses stolen from Sloane Square shop.

A PAIR of glasses worn in the upcoming film Cruella that had been scheduled for charity auction has been stolen from a Sloane Square shop. The film is the origin story of the villain from 101 Dalmatians.

Thieves stormed into the Tom Davies optical store in central London’s Sloane Square, stealing hundreds of pairs of spectacles.

The frames were valued at approximately £500,000 in total, although the Cruella frames were expected to fetch a premium over their retail price at auction.

Emma Stone and Dame Emma Thompson, the film’s stars, each donned two sets of the custom-designed glasses on production.

The shop’s ‘wanted’ notice following the burglary stated: “If you are offered any sunglasses with the inscription “TOM DAVIES FOR CRUELLA” engraved on the inside arm, please can you let us know.

“These distinctive frames have a far bigger value at a charity auction than to the criminals who vandalised our store and will struggle to sell them. “If you have the glasses in your possession, we will swap them for a pair of Tom Davies sunglasses. Unless you’re one of the thieves, in which case we will happily hand you over to the authorities.”

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