BREAKING NEWS: AntiVirus Creator John McAfee Found Dead In Catalan Prison Cell

John McAfee

John McAfee was found dead of apparent suicide on Wednesday.

AntiVirus Creator John McAfee Found Dead In Catalan Prison Cell.

American billionaire tycoon John McAfee, known for creating antivirus software, has been found dead in his Catalan prison cell, his death being confirmed by prison sources. The inmate’s death comes a day after the Supreme Court approved his extradition to the United States for alleged tax crimes committed between 2016 and 2018.

The well-known computer scientist was arrested in October last year at Spain’s El Prat airport and has been in the Sant Esteve Sesrovires jail (Barcelona) ever since. Whilst being held captive there, a search and arrest warrant from the United States was placed on him.

That same month, McAfee was charged in Tennessee with evading taxes after failing to report income made from promoting cryptocurrencies while he did consulting work, made speaking engagements and sold the rights to his life story for a documentary.

This is a breaking news story, please check back later for updates and comments from the Spanish and American governments.

Update: 22:00 CET

John McAfee reportedly killed himself after he was set to be extradited to the United States. The 75-year-old tech mogul took his own life while being held in a prison cell in Barcelona, according to local paper El Pais.

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Prison In Spain Where John McAfee Was Found Dead Serves ‘Stale Bread And Cold Hot Dogs’


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    • Justin Evans

      24 June 2021 • 01:35

      queue all the conspiracies about how he was actually murdered. .. oh wait there isn’t any political narrative to be proven by it so nobody will bother.

      • Jon Doh

        24 June 2021 • 13:53

        queue all the know-nothings pretending they know anything about conspiracies or politics.

        • Andrew Hergenrader

          24 June 2021 • 16:45

          Cue the old dudes, passive aggressively arguing over ******* nothing

        • John Solomon

          24 June 2021 • 17:20

          Guys, it’s “cue,” as in, “cue the band.” I say this not to be pedantic, but in hopes that you might pause and wonder whether your lack of knowledge regarding common English words could signal a certain overconfidence in your opinions regarding current events and global conspiracies. I am not hopeful about this, but you have an opportunity to prove me wrong and perhaps buck a societal trend. Best wishes, believe it or not, John

          • Tiddlewink Muffinchucker

            25 June 2021 • 06:10

            To be fair, maybe the first guy wants to line up conspiracies, and the second guy wants to line up the know-nothings.

          • Glitchmind

            02 July 2021 • 09:16

            Usually when I use the word pedantic I receive a look of befuddlement. (=

    • Joe

      24 June 2021 • 02:00


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        24 June 2021 • 17:23


    • Lynn C. Doyle

      24 June 2021 • 02:47

      As an American, I am disgusted by what has happened to our justice system. A country’s jurisdiction, especially tax laws, should end at its borders. It is a telling comment on America when people would rather commit suicide than face the American trial system, or the cruel and unusual hell-holes of our jails. People who are not brutal animals when they go in are that way when they get out. Most Americans do not want to defund the police, they only want to curb the practice of putting people in this sort of situation. People killing themselves rather than go to court in America is far more common than reported by the media, who often don’t mention the connection.

    • Btc

      24 June 2021 • 05:03


    • j

      24 June 2021 • 05:33


    • Aterla

      24 June 2021 • 05:38

      RIP, computer legend.

    • Jack off

      24 June 2021 • 07:18

      How is this “News”?? “Person sent to a killing death machine institution dies” lmao who woulda thought it huh? Lmao 🙄🙄 /insert sarcasm /insert rolling eyes

    • helpful55

      24 June 2021 • 10:09

      Interesting to know more about this if true he took his life. If he is in fact a billionaire why would someone not just make a deal and regain freedom? Even if you had to go down to a few million wouldn’t it be worth it to be free again? Something doesn’t make sense.

    • Roger Taggart

      24 June 2021 • 10:12

      Billionaire tycoon? A basic Google search reveals net worth peaking at around $100m.

      • Jay Bree

        29 June 2021 • 16:30

        Rest of the story is likely equally accurate.

    • John Smith

      24 June 2021 • 10:53

      Is it possible that he could be alive and amused reading these comments, feeling proud of successfully faking his own death?

      • Naimah Yianni

        24 June 2021 • 16:44

        he´s not rich enough and he probably hasn´t been to Epstein Island. Last August my friend called the jail where jizz-laine maxwell was allegedly being held and was on the call for about 10 minutes. they said that they had no record of her being held anywhere in the US prison system……

    • Naimah Yianni

      24 June 2021 • 16:46

      Maybe he was a naughty boy and didn´t do what the corporates told him to do. perhaps he had a brain and asked questions, you know that´s not allowed these days…..

    • Naimah Yianni

      24 June 2021 • 18:32

      Strangely I have just been sent a video of John McAfee before he was arrested saying that he had compiled a dossier of information about (global) government corruption and that if he dies or disappears then 31 terrabytes of information will be released. Looks like there might be some some people in trouble out there before too long……..

      • CrustyCrab

        03 July 2021 • 08:54

        Link to video?

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