Where to get a tattoo that you can keep hidden when you want

DO you want to get a tattoo but don’t want everyone to see it? This week we’ll look at the best places to get tattoos that you can keep hidden when you want to.

There are many reasons why you may want to keep your tattoo out of sight, including work, and you may not want to have to constantly be making sure that your clothes cover them or putting on concealer all the time.

So where are the best places to have tattoos that you can keep hidden if and when you want to?

While you may love your ink, not everyone feels the same and there are some professions in which showing off your tattoos is just not acceptable.

This shouldn’t put you off though, there are many places where you can get a tattoo and yet easily hide it under normal work clothes, such as the stomach, back, shoulder, upper arm, rib cage and legs.

Plus, if you are getting a tattoo which will be hidden from most people’s view, you don’t need to feel that you should keep it discreet. Your design can be as big and bold was you want.

Upper arm

The biceps and triceps are very popular spots for tattoos and are easy to hide when you are at work. It can be a slightly painful area to get tattooed as it is mainly muscle, so if you want to go for a less painful place, then the inner arm is a better option for you. The inner part of your arm can be hidden even more easily and being soft tissue it will be easier for you to endure the tattooing and healing takes less time.


This may seem a strange place to get a tattoo but it’s hidden most of the time. It is an extremely sensitive area to get tattooed though and many tattoo artists will discourage it.

Chest and rib cage

The chest is a large area for tattooing and if placed carefully, the designs, however large, can be hidden by clothes at all times when necessary. It is an easy area to tattoo and not too painful. The rib cage, on the other hand, is quite painful, but also an ideal place to conceal a tattoo. For women, between the breasts, underneath them, or on the side of the breast are good areas for tattoos that you can hide or reveal as and when you want to.


Always covered unless you want to show it off, the stomach is another large area where you can let your and the tattoo artist’s imaginations run wild and the good news is that it is one of the least painful areas to get inked.


The back is a sensitive area due to the amount of nerves and tattooing there can be painful. However, it is the perfect place to hide a tattoo however small or large. The lower back can be less painful, while the spine is not for those with a low pain threshold. Keep going down and you might choose your buttocks for a tattoo. You may feel a burning sensation, but being a ‘meaty’ part of the body it won’t be overly painful. However, it could take some time to heal.

Hips and thighs

As these areas are also almost always covered up they are perfect for hiding tattoos and not painful to have inked. For men, any area of the rest of the leg and the ankle can be great places to get a tattoo if they generally wear trousers and shoes with socks. Women may be more restricted to just the upper leg if they are going to have to wear skirts, dresses and sandals or open shoes to work. Getting an ankle tattoo can be painful as it is a bony area, and tattooing the knee is also likely to be uncomfortable.


The same applies to upper part of the foot and heal, however, the bottom of your foot will not often be seen, and as the skin is toughened, it is not a painful place to get a tattoo.

Even more discreet

Other hidden areas, especially for small tattoos include:

Behind the ear or on the back of your neck: an ideal place where a small tattoo can be hidden with your hair or revealed when you feel like it. The same applies to your scalp, although sometimes the hair will not grow back properly. They are quite sensitive areas to get inked.

Fingers: between your fingers is a great place to hide a tattoo, or at the base of the finger, where it can then be hidden with a ring when you don’t want it to be seen.

Lip: If you want to have a very minimalistic tattoo, the inner lip and even the tongue are areas where tattoos can be hidden although they can fade quickly because they are constantly moist and due to the friction in the mouth. Very painful to get done.

Chin: Underneath your chin is a good place for a small, discreet tattoo.

Beneath your underwear: We’ll leave the exact location to your imagination, but there are numerous places that will only be seen when you remove your underwear where you can get a tattoo. It may be a little daunting to ask the tattoo artist but it will definitely be your little secret. Well, yours and whoever you decide to show.

White tattoos are very discreet and can only be seen if looking carefully and UV tattoos can only be seen under the right type of light.

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