It’s all just a nuisance, rather than a benefit by columnist Mike Senker

It’s all just a nuisance, rather than a benefit to any of us

SO that piece of lower than pond life Hancock has resigned. It shouldn’t have been up to him – Boris should have fired him instantly it was confirmed that the photo was genuine. Hancock has been totally taking the piss out of every single person in the UK, especially all the folks that wanted one last kiss with a loved one that was about to die, but his rules wouldn’t allow it. Yes his rules!

Once again a politician has proven that they are all just lying, cheating toe rags. Please don’t tell me any more what I can’t do or that I might face a £10,000 fine if I break a quarantine rule or get arrested, until he is now arrested and fined.

Never mind the fact he employed this woman just to have his bit on the side on hand for their own reasons, nothing to do with his work as Health Secretary. And how about the arrogance of Johnson saying that Hancock had apologised and that was the end of it – was it heck!

I watch quite a lot of TV for no real reason except I actually quite enjoy it. But being an OAP with various health problems I do find the advertising on daytime TV a bit depressing. Every other advert is about making arrangements for when I die so my loved ones don’t have to worry about the funeral. I’ve seen commercials where investors offer to purchase your home with a cash offer so you can avoid repossession.

There are lots of ads for cancer charities. The assumption is that the daytime TV viewers are in financial turmoil, very sick or unemployed when, in fact, all I want to do is watch a bit of light-hearted TV.

So how’s everyone enjoying Brexit? I was criticised a few times for only worrying how it affected me and how I should look at the bigger picture and my reply was I actually don’t give a toss about the bigger picture.

Import duty is putting up prices on products in the UK and sending a parcel to anyone in the UK now comes with the added delight of filling in a customs declaration. And it’s stopped us travelling back and forth to the UK during the pandemic.

It’s affected trading shares on the UK stock exchange and Marks and Sparks have had problems getting fresh salad stuff in their stores.

Just all a nuisance rather than a benefit.

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