7 Tips when traveling to Tajikistan during COVID-19

7 Tips when traveling to Tajikistan during COVID-19

Tajikistan is one of the most mountainous destinations in the world. If you’re in the mood for hiking and true travel, then this is the place that you should visit. It can be said that 93% of Tajik is covered by mountain ranges, making it one of the extraordinary treasures of Earth!

However, in the COVID – 19 times, traveling has become quite tricky. That is why foreign travelers should get familiar with some introduced restrictions as well as follow some general tips that will help you stay safe.

Tajikistan COVID updates

All foreign visitors entering Tajikistan must submit a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test. The test needs to be taken within the recent 72 hours. This requirement does not apply to those travelers who have received the vaccine over 1 month before their arrival in Tajikistan.

The visitors should also expect temperature checking and despite the negative test results, they will be asked to undergo another COVID testing to submit a second negative result.

The country authorities introduced the obligation of 14-day self-isolation for those with a positive test result.

Currently, travelers can reach Tajikistan by air from the following countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey, Russia.

Facemasks are obligatory to wear in all public places, including public transportation.

Tajikistan e-Visa

First of all, one of the formal and most vital procedures that every traveler needs to face before going to Tajikistan is obtaining a travel and entry permit.

Nowadays, trip makers can apply for an electronic visa instead of a traditional visa. Tajikistan e-Visa comes in two types: single-entry or multiple-entry. Both these visas allow making a tourism, business, or transit trip. Moreover, e-Visa holders can visit family and friends residing in Tajikistan or attend business meetings, conferences, cultural and sport events, etc.

Single-entry and multiple-entry e-Visa can be upgraded by an additional permit to enter the GBAO region. Mountain lovers should necessarily choose this extra option! Find out what are the specific Tajikistan visa requirements and submit your application within minutes from home.

One of the benefits of getting your visa online is the lack of necessity to visit the Embassy, which also means no additional contact with the unknown people. Stay at home, go to the application form and obtain your visa online!

In order to travel safely during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and not to abandon your travel plans, you should simply follow some basic rules that are universal both for vaccinated travelers and those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to do it.

Here’s a list of 7 tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1 – Wear A Mask

Always keep your mask on. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a plane, on a bus, in a car, at the airport, at home, or walking somewhere. You should always have your mask on. This is the basic safety tip for travel during COVID-19. Make sure that you have lots of disposable masks, and keep changing them so they retain their usefulness.

Tip # 2 – Keep Safe Distance

Always keep at least 6 feet between you and your traveling companions, as well as anyone else you meet. This is important, as you never know who might be a carrier of the virus. Hence you should always keep everyone outside your bubble.

Tip #3 – Avoid Contact

Avoid touching, hugging, high-fiving, and any other unnecessary contact with humans other than yourself, as well as frequently touched surfaces like, e.g. bus handles. Yes, we understand this sounds difficult and maybe a bit ridiculous, but if you want to stay safe during the whole trip, this is the best way to do so. Better safe than sorry!

Tip #4 – Wash And Sanitize

People often forget that the best way to steer clear of COVID-19 is to ensure that you are washing your hands and face every 15 or 30 minutes. If you are hiking in Tajikistan, and don’t have a water supply, then keep a hand sanitizer bottle with you, to sanitize when needed.

Tip #5 – Prep Your Food

While traveling, make sure you have a lot of power bars, and Gatorade handy. Other than that, the best advice is to prepare your own food. Don’t trust someone else to make it. Once again it’s not because someone is going to poison you, but because it’s safer to trust your own virus-free hands.

Tip #6 – Check your Lodging

Wherever you’re staying, or whomever you are traveling with should also be caring for themselves the way you are. The staff at your place of lodging should always be asked about the confirmed cases of COVID. Such information cannot be swept under the rug. Do some research and choose a safe place to stay, preferably the place that confirms the introduction of protective measures.

Tip #7 – Choose Travel Mode Wisely

Tajikistan is a remote destination and you will probably need to get there by plane. However, when in Tajikistan you can hire a car and travel around the country on your own to minimize contact with other people. Whatever form of transportation, please always remember to take appropriate precautions, like those described in the above points.

It’s Travel Time!

Now when being aware of all the ways you can safely travel to Tajikistan, it’s time to pack your bags!

Tajikistan is a perfect destination to visit during the pandemic since you can surround yourself with nature only and stay safe throughout the whole trip!

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