How to Obtain a Travel Visa for International Business

How to Obtain a Travel Visa for International Business

Businesses with international partnerships or those with overseas branches often need their representatives to travel abroad. The purposes of such a trip might be, for example, closing a deal or provide official support to some of their partner’s projects. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to obtain a proper travel authorization for making your international business trip possible.

With an obligatory travel visa, you can go smoothly to whatever country to handle your business affairs efficiently. And this is where electronic visas for international business come in handy.

While a regular tourist visa can take you abroad as well, sometimes it comes with some limitations. Some destinations offer a separate type of visa dedicated to business travelers, while others distinguish only one visa type, which can serve both tourism and business purposes. Nevertheless, if you are going overseas for business reasons you should consider obtaining an electronic visa.

One of the very often visited business destinations is Canada! Canada is a perfect example since its government has come forward with the eTA system. eTA is an electronic visa that stays valid for up to 5 years and allows its holders to take on any tourism, business, and transit trips!

Once approved, it links directly to the applicant’s passport and is delivered in the form of a PDF file to the provided email address. You can get yours within a few minutes from home or any other place using any working device.

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Having said that, now let’s have a look at the following guide on how to obtain a travel visa for international business online:

Electronic Visa System for International Business Travel

What’s an e-Visa?

e-Visa is an electronic or digital alternative to regular visas. While they are still new, many countries are embracing them as one of the ways of facilitating the visa application process.

With an electronic visa, you can forget about the old requirement of visiting an Embassy. Now, travelers can obtain their travel permits from the comfort of their homes. And this is because the application for an e-Visa can be completed entirely online.

But when it comes to international business travel, you must be specific on the type of e-Visa you are applying for. In this case, you need an electronic visa for international business travel.

But how can you obtain one? Now, have a look at the general instruction on how to apply for an e-Visa for business travel abroad.

How to apply for an e-Visa for business travel?

If you are a foreigner from a country eligible for an e-Visa, follow these steps to apply for it. With an e-Visa, you can visit any country and complete your business purpose with ease.

Furthermore, the process takes not more than 15 minutes of your time if you have a reliable Internet connection.

After submitting your application, expect the confirmation within 3 days. However, your approval may be delivered even sooner. Therefore, keep checking your email after completing the application steps.

Apply for electronic visas through these 3 steps

  • Fill an online application form

When you open an online form, you will be asked to provide your passport details, email address, travel information, like entry and exit date to a given country, etc. What’s more, there might be a need to provide some supporting documents to confirm the entered data.

  • Cover the fees

The next step is to clear the application fee to start the handling process of your electronic visa request. Check out the methods of online payments available and choose the one you prefer. After receiving your payment confirmation, you can proceed to the next step and complete the application process.

  • Check your email box

Lastly, check your email box for the e-Visa approval. Don’t forget to check if  your email address is accurate before applying! By doing so, you will receive your approved e-Visa in a PDF file without any setbacks.

What documents are necessary for business travels?

The following things are vital for the successful outcome of your application process. Therefore, ensure you have them ready once you begin the process.

  • Valid Passport

Before you consider starting the application process, ensure you have a valid passport. This document is actually most vital in the application for your e-Visa. And that’s not all, the valid period of the passport is crucial too. Make sure it won’t expire for a minimum of 6 months starting from the date you are planning to get to your destination.

  • Active Email

Your email is the means of receiving the e-Visa once it’s approved. And as such, you need to provide an email address that you use regularly. Without it, you won’t be able to get your e-Visa after its approval.

  • Access to One of the Available Methods of Online Payment

Have you used any form of online payment before? If you haven’t, it’s about time you learn how to operate any online payment. In this case, you can confirm which form of online payment is supported in clearing the application fees.

After that, you can set up access to it before you begin the application for your e-Visa. Choose one from the available payment methods in our application form, e.g. PayPal, credit card, debit card, or any other, and cover the e-Visa fee. The costs vary depending on a particular destination.


Please note that countries’ requirements for e-Visa can differ. Some of them may require only the basic requirements we’ve mentioned above. But you may encounter some countries that require submitting some additional supporting documents. And as such, you must first confirm what’s needed for the specific country you wish to visit.

Further, you need to consult the Visa Policy for a given country. Some destinations have various types of visas and you need to choose which suits your travel needs best.

Additional questions to answer

What’s the nature of your business visit?

If it’s a one-time visit for a while, then a single-entry e-Visa is okay. However, if you will need multiple entries to that country, ensure your visa supports that.

How long will you stay in that country during your business visit?

e-Visas have a time limit. They can remain valid from a few weeks to a few months depending on the type of permit you are a holder of.

However, if you plan to take up employment in a foreign country, you must know that e-Visa doesn’t function as a work permit. As an e-Visa holder you are simply allowed to make business trips in cooperation with foreign companies, but not to be employed there.

Final words

With the outlined process on how to obtain a travel visa for international business, you can start getting your business travel permit online! The process is very intuitive and straightforward. Going through its 3 steps shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Don’t forget to prepare all the necessary documents before starting your application and check the processing time of an e-Visa you apply for to get your visa on time!

Enjoy your paperwork-free business trip to whatever destination around the world with the effortless electronic visa system!

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