How to spot police radars with the new Google Maps feature

How to spot the police speed check radars with Google Maps

How to spot the police speed check radars with Google Maps. image; Wikipedia

How to spot police radars and avoid speeding fines by using a new feature on Google maps.

Being caught by a police radar speed detector can cost up to a hefty 6,000 euro, however, a new feature in the Google maps application could help make your journey smoother. So, how do you spot police radar and at the same time avoid a fine?

Since 2019 the Google Maps app warned of all the radar traps set by the DGT (in a totally legal way) but now goes a step further by adding alerts from other users, which can tell you where there may be a mobile radar waiting for you or a police control- and all this in a way that is fully compatible with the new driving mode of the application and most importantly, totally legal.

How to use the new feature

To see where the DGT fixed radars are located on Google Maps, you simply have to add a route in the browser. In the preview of the route itself, you will see the radar locations highlighted with orange balloons for fixed radars and blue for the mobile ones.

If you click on them you will see when they were updated and when a mobile radar was detected- that data is constantly updating.

Once on the road, before reaching one of these radars, the application will indicate its proximity by means of a warning sound so you can adapt to the recommended speed and thus avoid a fine.

On the other hand, through alerts from other users, Google Maps will also notify us where a mobile radar has been placed, approximately, or where a police roadblock has been set up.

By tapping on the ‘Report’ icon (a balloon on the right side with a plus symbol in the middle), other incidents can be reported, such as: a collision, a traffic jam, road works, a lane cut, an accident vehicle or the presence of an object on the road. All these indications can be very useful to avoid an accident or a fine in the DGT’s ‘Summer Operation’ 2021.

Most importantly though is to remember NOT to adjust or play with your mobile or GPS while driving!

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