What Should You Know About the Turkey e-Visa?

What Should You Know About the Turkey e-Visa?

Turkey is an outstanding, beautiful, and perfect value-for-money destination for a travel enthusiast, a group of students, history seekers, as well as anyone who wants to take a flight and just get away.

Not only is Turkey modern, but it also has a rich history offering so many traditions and historical sites that it can attract anyone wanting to travel to a beautiful, serene, and iconic place.

It is considered one of the world’s top 10 travel destinations. With the government easing the visa policies and making the country more tourist-friendly, it makes the country even more popular!

Adding the fact that Turkish people are known for their hospitality and their friendly demeanour, Turkey is a must-go destination for avid travelers.

Luckily for us, the Turkish government has now introduced a new electronic visa system for citizens of eligible countries.

If you’re planning a trip to Turkey soon, make sure to read on to learn all about the Turkey e-Visa from requirements to the online application process!

What is a Turkey e-Visa?

e-Visa is an electronic alternative to a regular visa; instead of applying at an Embassy, it is obtainable online upon completing a quick and intuitive application process. Eligible travellers can use any working device, including a phone or a laptop with an internet connection, to apply within minutes from home!

In the past people traveling to Turkey had to obtain a traditional visa by applying at an Embassy in their cities. However, Turkey now allows certain nationals/ passport holders to apply directly online.

All you need is a valid passport, a debit/ credit card, digital photos of yourself, along with a few supporting documents, and you are good to go. To add to this amazingly simple and quick process, the processing times take a minimum of 19 hours or a maximum of 3 business days. I mean, what else could you ask for?

You can get all the essential information on the Turkish e-Visa system and submit your application online on https://visa-for-turkey.com/ to get your travel permit in just 3 days!

Turkey e-Visa requirements

There are two types of Turkish e-Visa – a single-entry visa permit for a 30-day stay and a multiple-entry visa permit for a 90-day stay. The type of visa you are eligible varies according to your nationality.

However, no matter what nationality you have and where you are from, the e-Visa can be applied for tourism, business, and transit purposes.

Also, as for most counties, your passport is required to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of e-Visa issue. The rest is supporting documents which vary but maybe in the form of:

  • A valid visa or residence permit from one of the Schengen Area countries, USA, UK, or Ireland;
  • A booked round-trip ticket with specific airlines;
  • Hotel reservations;
  • Proof of having sufficient funds for the trip;
  • And more

How Can I Apply?

To complete an online Turkey e-Visa application process, it’s necessary to prepare the required documents and then, using any working device with an internet connection, follow these simple steps:

1.  Fill an online application form– simply provide some basic personal and travel details along with your active email address. Next, make sure everything is error-free and that no information is missing.

2.  Cover the fees– use any online payment method to cover the e-Visa issuing fees and check your email inbox for a confirmation number.

3.  Check your email box– lastly, simply check your email inbox for the delivered PDF version of your Turkish e-Visa. The approved document will arrive within a maximum of 72 hours from applying online.

How Will the Approved e-Visa Reach Me?

The approved document arrives at the applicant’s email address in the form of a PDF file within a maximum of 3 business days (72 hours).

Please note! Not to elongate the processing time, it’s best to always double-check the provided in the online form information. Make sure there are no mistakes or missing information since this could lead to delays or issues with approval.

How Can I Travel With the Turkey e-Visa?

Simply print out the delivered to your email document and present it, along with your valid passport, to the customs officials upon arrival.

Stay in Turkey as long as your issued visa allows you and leave before your travel permit expires. With such a hassle-free visa system in place, are you planning your trip to Turkey already because I sure am!

Why should you visit Turkey? 

Even if that’s not enough reasons for you to be already applying for a Turkish e-Visa, a quick google search about all the amazing accommodation options available in Turkey and the beautiful landscapes there to see will surely get you going.

1.  Various Accommodation Types

Turkey has the most luxuriously boutique hotels to offer for stays. However, if you’re someone who likes to save, cut down on accommodations, and spend most of the time on their feet, Istanbul and all major cities offer multiple hostels for travelers to stay at a fraction of a price of a boutique hotel.

2.  Rich History

If you like to travel and learn about the history of a particular region, Turkey might just prove to be a knowledge heaven for you – with its history dating back to 25,000 years.

It was host to multiple civilizations, with Ottoman Empire being the most prominent one. Turkey saw the rise and fall of many empires through the ages, and it still has many historical sites that tell a story of its own.

3.  Beautiful Coastline and Water Attractions

Not only that, Turkey offers nearly 8,400 km of coastline, resulting in water sports and yachting as big favorites for people looking for some adventure during their traveling experiences.

Turkey has it all, whether it’s sky diving, para gliding, hiking, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, mountaineering, or white-water rafting.

4.  Turkish Cuisine and Traditional Coffee and Tea

Oh, and who here has not heard of the Nusr-et Steak House, the Turkish butcher who got famous for his unique technique of serving steaks?

I mean, for me at least, that’s enough of a reason to want to go to Turkey and taste that fantastic steak, but alongside that, traditional Turkish cuisine is not only diverse, but it’s world-famous as well.

With the gourmet dinners not being too heavy on your wallet, you can indulge in the diverse desserts that Turkey has to offer paired with their exceptional Turkish coffee and tea as well.

5.  Amazing Shopping Opportunities

The last but not least reason to visit Turkey is SHOPPING! The grand bazaar in Istanbul offers the choicest souvenirs, carpets, rugs, and kilims, among other traditional Turkish gifts.

Alongside these artsy things, Turkey is home to some great malls – offering all major retail and designer brands both from the West and East, offering you a unique shopping experience that is only second to that of Dubai.

Final thoughts

Turkey offers a breath-taking combination of sea, sand, and the sun. The sandy beaches of the Aegean coastline are a must-go alongside the Blue Voyage – I mean, who wouldn’t love an amazing yacht ride while reveling in the blue waters?

The Turkish e-Visa allows you to explore this beautiful country for either 30 or even 90 days. You can be sure to have just enough time to relax and discover everything Turkey has to offer! Hesitate no more, plan your journey, apply for an e-Visa online, and pack your bags!

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