Making progress in your life by columnist Robert Shallis

Making progress in your life

SMALL STEPS: To a better way of being.

DO you feel you are making progress in your life or feel as though you are just treading water to stay afloat whilst tackling the daily challenges that life presents?

George Bernard Shaw, the influential Irish playwright once wrote ‘’Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.’

In other words, if we choose to accept things the way they are then that is all we will ever experience. You cannot make progress if continually choosing the exact same approach. But by the same token, choosing to take steps to improve and create something better for ourselves, is the start of making progress. This is the start of taking control and changing outcomes.

It sounds rather easy, doesn’t it?  It is easy; however, it is easier not to change because we are creatures of habit and therefore the majority of people regress and slip straight back into their old patterns of behaviour.

A good reminder to keep moving forward and give you extra drive and determination is to understand that to achieve and get what you want, you must be willing to do what many others do not, which is do ‘something.’

One of the mistakes that many of us make when trying to move forward and progress is that we listen to the wrong people, the people that try to put obstacles and excuses in your way and tell you all the reasons why you cannot succeed at something. These are people who are very good at finding problems to a solution, rather than solutions to a problem. The right people to listen to are those who have achieved what you want, the ones that have broken through the pain barrier, believed in themselves, overcome the challenges along the way and are happy to help you do the same. It’s up to us who we listen to.

Of course, if anything is worth achieving, it will undoubtedly present challenges along the way. The key is to trust in your ability and focus on the end result.

The headlights of a car will only light up a very small distance in front of you but you know that you will always be able to see far enough in front of you in order to reach your final destination.

So, break it down, take each step at a time, that is key to the process of progress. Eventually you will reach your desired destination in life whatever that may be, however big or small, it’s your journey and it’s your choice. Always focus on the final goal and don’t allow the bumps in the journey to cloud over it.

The miraculous thing about making progress, however small and however challenging is that it creates a happier way of being – you are progressing towards the realisation of a worthwhile dream. It’s exciting to know that you are heading towards where you want to be, following your desires, this will fill you with a wonderful sense of bliss.

We’ve heard the quote ‘getting there was half the fun’ so enjoy the process and the journey in doing so. By taking the decision to start making progress, you would have already created a successful way of being.  Your new strength of character will show your true measure of success in ways that you may not have thought possible before.

If you tread water all your life, you will eventually drown in your own disappointment having never reached your destination, so don’t let that be you, start by making a small step today and progress to a better way of being.

Rob Shallis                    

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