Malaga Mayor asks to wear the mask to 'stop and lower infections'

Malaga Mayor asks to recover 'the prevention of the past few months'

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MALAGA Mayor asks to wear the mask to ‘stop and lower infections’. The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has warned this Sunday, July 11, in his weekly message, that it is “necessary to stop and lower infections” of covid-19, after the “acceleration in growth” detected in the last week and recalled to the entire population, especially the unvaccinated, “the convenience” of using the mask, both outdoors and, especially, indoors.
De la Torre stated “We must all use it because vaccinated people can also transmit,” adding that in seven days the accumulated incidence in the city has increased in two weeks per 100,000 inhabitants in 153 points, of which 54 points in the two last days. The Mayor has stressed that it is necessary to raise awareness, “We have to show solidarity with people who have a bad time, who go to hospitals.” In addition, he recalled that in the last week, from Friday to Friday, in the province there have been 86 hospitalized and six deceased, “which will come from before but are data that should impact us.”
“They should concern us and make us react. Not only young people, but also them”, added the mayor, who has addressed them specifically, “It is said that you are more inclined not to use it – the mask – and to have more social coexistence, which is logical and natural, but let’s make social coexistence compatible, talking with friends, even having a drink, with that respect for others, those who may be affected by those infections that are growing”, as reported by La Opinion de Malaga.
Finally, De la Torre stressed that the impact of the rise in covid-19 infections on the economy should not be forgotten and recalled that there are countries that already “say that it is not advisable to go to Spain.” “We have to change that, we have to make the numbers in Malaga better and help the numbers in Andalucia and Spain,” concluded the mayor of the Malaga capital.

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