Do’s and don’ts you should know before going to the tattoo studio

Do’s and don’ts before going to the tattoo studio

Know before you go

NOW that you’re sure you want to get a tattoo, read this list of Do’s and Don’ts you should know before going to your chosen tattoo studio.

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t get sunburnt. Not only will it be more painful, it could cause problems with ink dilution due to the extra blood repairing the burned skin as well as making it harder for the tattooist to see what they’re doing. When the burned skin peels off, it would take the ink with it and mean you would require a touch-up.
  • Don’t get a tattoo on injured skin or unhealed scars.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. You will feel rough and the higher blood alcohol level can thin your blood and lead to excessive bleeding.
  • Don’t drink too much coffee and don’t take aspirin as it thins the blood.
  • Don’t be late or miss you appointment. It is likely to lead the tattoo artist to lose money if you don’t turn up, and being late can have a knock-on effect for other clients.
  • Don’t go if you feel ill and let the tattoo artist know as soon as possible.
  • Don’t be too chatty or jumpy when the tattooist is trying to concentrate on their work.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a break and always tell your tattoo artist if you’re feeling unwell.
  • Don’t make any sudden movements, cough or sneeze. If you do need to move, tell the tattooist in advance.
  • Don’t wear clothing that is too tight or that doesn’t allow easy access to the area you are getting tattooed.
  • Don’t exercise too strenuously after getting your tattoo, mainly because of the effect that sweat can have on it.
  • Don’t make plans for immediately after getting your tattoo; you don’t know how you’ll feel and you don’t want to be rushing off or stressing the artist by constantly telling them that you need to leave at a certain time.
  • Don’t bring a whole group of friends with you. One is usually fine though.

And here is what you should do:

  • Get your skin in good condition, moisturise it in the weeks before your appointment.
  • Stay hydrated, to keep you skin healthy and your energy levels up.
  • Get your rest, especially if you are going to undergo a long tattoo session. It will mean you have a higher pain threshold and stop you from getting fidgety.
  • Make sure you have enough money to pay for your tattoo. Take more than the agreed price and enough for tips and any other expenses you might have, such as snacks, drinks, parking or transport, aftercare products, etc
  • Get a doctor’s note to guarantee you can safely get a tattoo and if necessary, get consent if you are underage. Also make sure you have your ID.
  • Take water and snacks, make sure your phone is charged and take something to keep you distracted. Juices, soups and teas are also a good option.
  • Eat before you go so that your blood sugar levels are high, and take a sweet snack in case your levels drop while you are getting tattooed and feel faint.
  • Eat citrus fruit as this naturally helps the healing process.
  • Make sure you are well-washed and smelling good, but don’t wear overpowering fragrances either. Brush your teeth too and maybe take breath mints.
  • Wear clean clothes which you won’t mind getting some blood and tattoo ink on. Take something to wear in case you get cold.
  • If you’re confident, shave the area you are getting tattooed, but if not, leave well alone and let the tattoo artist do it to avoid cuts or razor burns.
  • Ask about numbing cream if you think you will need it, but try to be confident about getting a tattoo because if you think from the outset that you won’t be able to stand the pain, then you’ll probably find you can’t.
  • Remember to breathe normally while getting your tattoo.
  • Make sure you are in a comfortable position and feel comfortable with the tattoo artist so that you are able to talk with him or her.
  • Listen to the advice you are given for aftercare.

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