We asked and our readers answered: Proud of the England team

Proud of the England team

Proud of the team, but not the 'yobs'. Image: Twitter

MORE than 70 per cent of our readers say that they are proud of the England team despite them losing the Euro 2020 football match against Italy on Sunday.

Based on the results of our Facebook survey and the comments of our readers on social media, most of them are proud of the England team, with one reader saying “they are winners in my eyes.” Both Boris Johnson and Prince William had said that they were proud of the team.

However, another reader said that it was “disgusting and disrespectful” for the players to take off their medals. She added “if this is what they think sportsmanship is, maybe they should stop playing.”

Meanwhile, there was less division amongst our readers regarding the behaviour of the so-called ‘fans’. More than 96 per cent of them said that their behaviour was “disgusting” and one referred to them as “sick, ignorant yobs.”

Another reader said that “the yob element needs dealing with, I don’t know how, but they are spoiling the reputations of genuine fans and good British people.”

A third pointed out “they aren’t fans” and added “I bet a lot of them have never done a day’s work in their lives; a proper fan would be cheering to welcome England, not booing.”

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