Cuba's fight for freedom receives support in Malaga Capital

Cuba's fight for freedom receives support in Malaga Capital

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CUBA’S fight for freedom receives support in Malaga Capital. A hundred people have demonstrated this Friday, July 16, in Plaza de la Constitution to ask for freedom and for the end of the Cuban dictatorship, under the shouts of “Mayor, listen to the Cubans and join the fight” and “Down with the dictatorship.” In addition, the participants of the march, which has reached the Malaga City Council, demand that the international community listen to the Cuban people and help them make a possible change in the country.
In front of the demonstration and holding a sign that reads “Homeland and life for your family and mine”, a slogan that comes from the song of Cuban rappers Maykel Osorbo and El Funky to denounce the lack of freedom in the country, is Ingrid de Jesús Hernández. “We want to end the dictatorship because it is repressing us and it does not respect our human rights. We’ve been like this for 62 years ”, she says, as reported by La Opinion de Malaga.
The Cuban explains that, although before they were a minority, now the struggle is spreading, “There have been many genocides that do not appear in the media. There is no freedom of association, of the press or of expression, a freedom that he considers to be one of the most important that a person should have. That is why we are here, we demand that all this change and we Cubans are asking for it in demonstrations in Malaga, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona and in many other places, ”says Ingrid.

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