10 Interesting Facts about Casino Games

Many gamblers love online casino bonuses: if you want, you can start playing right now with a150 free spins Canada bonus. But before you do that, we recommend reading our article about interesting facts about casino games. You may find some information that will surprise you!
You Lose 80 USD on Average in Casinos
Do you know what ALPV means? Casino managers in Las Vegas know what this means: average loss per visit. According to statistics, casual gamblers visiting casinos in Las Vegas lose an average of 80 USD each time. Most losses occur in penny slot machines, and almost 75% of casinos revenue comes from slot games.
There Are No Fair Bets
A fair bet is a bet that pays even. In casino games, the chances of winning and the payouts are never compatible with each other. Let’s give a simple example: In roulette, there is a bet type called red/black, and all numbers are either red or black. So, you should have a 50% chance of winning, right? It may look like this at first glance, but on the roulette wheel, there is one more number in a different colour: 0. Therefore, your chances of winning are never 50%, but at most 48%. No casino game pays even, and in the long run, the casino always wins.
Slots Are the Most Popular Games
Blackjack and poker are portrayed as the most popular games in Hollywood movies, but this is not the case. Most Las Vegas casinos are filled with thousands of slot machines. Games such as roulette and blackjack are located farthest from the entrance and in a fairly small area. More than half of the casino area is filled with slot machines as they are always the most popular games.
Keno Is the Oldest Casino Game
Many casino games have an ancient and glorious history. Blackjack has been played since the 16th century. The roulette game has a history of almost 250 years. But none can rival the game of keno: it has been played since the time of the ancient Chinese Empire. It was played even before the famous Great Wall of China was built.
No, Casino Games Are Not Rigged
Most players believe and even are sure that casino games are rigged. The truth of the matter is quite different: casinos don’t need rigged games to make money. All games are already designed in such a way that the casino always wins in the long run. Remember, there is no fair bet in casinos: you’ll lose every game (including blackjack and video poker) if you play long enough. When you make a win, you forget your previous losses, but you almost always make less than you lose.
We Owe Sandwiches to Casino Games
The sandwich originated in 1765. Meet John Montagu: he was an inveterate gambler and held the title of “4th Earl of Sandwich”. Montagu refused to leave the gambling table even to eat. One of his servants discovered something he could eat at the table so that his master would not starve, and he served meat between two slices of bread. This food was so beloved that the lord’s title became its name. We owe the sandwiches to a gambler.
Not All Roulette Games Are the Same
There are three basic roulette variants: American, French, and European. Contrary to popular belief, these are different games and are not equal in terms of winning chances. In French roulette, some bets are returned even if lost, so this is the roulette variant you might lose the least. European roulette comes in second in terms of chances of winning. American roulette is the worst: it offers almost 5% less chance of winning. Now you know which roulette variant you should play.
Yes, You Can Count Cards
There is a strange belief that card counting is illegal. This is not true: you can count cards in any casino with the mind. It is perfectly legal to do so, and the casino cannot refuse to pay you for counting cards. But there is a loophole here. Casinos, like any business, may refuse to serve certain customers. Gamblers who count cards are paid but politely warned not to come to the casino again.
We Also Owe FedEx to Casino Games
Like bad sandwiches, we owe the FedEx company to casino games. Frederick Smith, the founder of the company, came to Las Vegas in 1973 with $5,000 in his pocket when he was about to go bankrupt. This was all of the remaining capital of the company. He played blackjack with this money and won $27,000. He paid off all of his company’s debts, opened new branches, and expanded across the United States. If Smith hadn’t been lucky enough, there wouldn’t be a company called FedEx today.

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