So many people are still working in spite of the heat

ARO Detailing - car cleaning without water but with love (and quality products)

WITH my summer holiday from recording Marbella Now with RTV Marbella just around the corner I realise how many people are still working in spite of the heat.

All the changes that have been forced upon us has meant that many people have had to come up with new ideas and reinvent themselves.

Such is the case of Yohan Janeau of ARO Detailing. Until the pandemic Yohan was a commercial airline pilot; a career with a guaranteed future one would think; planes will always fly. This has proven not to be the case and Yohan, like thousands of other pilots, found himself without a job and the onus of having to move to another country to possibly find alternative employment in his field of expertise.

Now a family man and loving the Marbella lifestyle Yohan decided he needed a change of career and after much consideration came up with a great idea to support his family and continue to forge their future here:  a dry car wash ‘home’ delivery service.

They don’t just visit your home either; if you’re lunching out and want the car cleaned whilst you’re there, it can be done.  Yohan imports the best quality products and uses specifically modified motorcycles to get around quickly and inconspicuously. Obviously the non use of water is another plus.

The prices are very affordable and the service is truly five star – please think of him and his family when it comes to detailing your car. You can ‘meet’ Yohan and find out more about the services on my show today (#MN316 29.07.2021)

Also well done to Caroline Helen Bowley for launching her home staging services for those who wish to see their property at ‘top dollar’. Too frequently we forget how much clutter we collect and how displeasing our mess can be to the prospective purchaser.

Who amongst us hasn’t been transfixed by the transformations we see on TV when homes are prepared for sale by professionals? Rearranging furniture, changing perhaps the lighting and adding the right touches can also turn an eye-sore into a must-have.

Opera singer Clarice Williams has also had to branch out due to so many cancelled tours.  Please watch Clarice on #MN316 from Tuesday 27th this week to enjoy her energy and also buy her Avon range which is helping her get by (Tel: 711 051 393).

Also with good energy is Ben Hayden of LIT Electricians who explains, also on Tuesday’s show, about the future of energy in transport with a shift from fossil fuels to a more green, sustainable, clean and renewable energy,  He also gave us a reminder to install smoke detectors in our homes.

When at home also consider Alex’s Kitchen for home catering for a party or to cook a meal for one and deliver it; something she did throughout lockdown.

Also this week in Marbella Now I meet up with ‘Book Lucy’ Lucy Chiver’s for her recommendations for a good read! (as well as my column that is…)

Are you still working in spite of the heat? •

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