Consumer group release third list of contaminated Nestlé ice creams

Consumer group Nestlé ice creams

Consumer group release third list of contaminated Nestlé ice creams. image: FCUA

Consumer group release the third list of Nestlé ice creams recalled due to being contaminated with a “carcinogenic” additive.

The Spanish consumer organisation Facua has issued the third list of Nestlé ice creams whose manufacturer, Froneri, is urging establishments to remove them due to being contaminated with “carcinogenic” (cancer-causing) ethylene oxide.

According to the association, it was a ‘whistleblower’ worker from a Supercor Repsol petrol station and another from a small establishment in Zaragoza who provided the information, while the manufacturer still continues to refuse to give the complete list of affected products.

The list received contains details of 21 types of 14 varieties of Extreme Nata-Fresa, Pirulo Mikolápiz; Milka Hazelnut; Nuii Almendrado; Nuii Dark chocolate with almonds; Oreo bonbon; Sandwich Bokazas Nata; Toblerone chocolate; Smarties; Llra Cup Suprema Nougat; Great Cream Lady; Cream Princess cake; Nestlé Tres Gustos Block and Nestlé Vanilla Block.

On July 26, Facua published a list with different batches of 46 varieties of ice cream manufactured by Froneri, which were being withdrawn, from the brands Nestlé, Milka, Toblerone, Nuii, Oreo, Princesa, La Lechera and Smarties.

Subsequently, on August 6, the association reported another list with units belonging to 19 lots of varieties of Pirulo Mikolápiz, Extreme Vanilla, Cone Extreme Tres Chocolates, Nuii Almendrado with Javanese Vanilla, Nuii Mascarpone with Scandinavian Blueberries, Bombón Nuii Cocoa and Mango from India, Chococlack Ice Cream and Milka Bonbon.

Facua is continuing to demand that Nestlé and Froneri act with transparency and make public the complete list of all the affected products.

The organisation is urging consumers to type the six first digits of the batch of ice cream on their website to see if they have purchased any of the contaminated products. The association has also urged the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) of the Ministry of Consumption to publish the list of contaminated ice cream.

According to the consumer organization, Mars is the only manufacturer that has voluntarily made public the list of recalled products in Spain. Facua advises users who have one of the affected products in their homes NOT to consume them return them to the establishments for a refund.

Mars is withdrawing several batches of Snickers, Twix and Bounty ice cream from supermarkets in Spain, where these ice creams are marketed through the company Frigo which is owned by Unilever.

The Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (AESAN) has warned of the presence of ethylene oxide in the stabilizing additive E410 also called locust bean or carob gum in several batches of ice cream produced by the company.

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) classifies ethylene oxide as an organic compound commonly used as a disinfectant in hospitals, as a carcinogen. Its use in food production is banned in the European Union but third world countries use it to combat fungi and bacteria.

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