Five mistakes we make with our car air conditioning in summer

Five mistakes we make with our car air conditioning in summer. image: Wikipedia

Five mistakes we make with our car air conditioning in the hot summer months.

Air conditioning- what would we do without out it, it is a great invention to keep us cool in the car, however, most drivers use the system in the wrong way.

The air conditioning is working overtime in the car this week due to Spain’s heatwave. That’s a not good thing because a temperature of 35 degrees inside the vehicle can increase the risk of accidents, research from the past has shown.

Not only because the driver can become drowsy, but also because the responsiveness may be reduced. Motorists with the air conditioning on most probably react cooler to traffic situations. They can probably concentrate better, experience less stress and have a faster reaction time- common sense really!

However, the air conditioning is not used in a good and proper way by everyone. If you avoid the mistakes below, it will help you will achieve the best effect and keep your head (and the rest) cool.

Below are the five most common errors and their solutions.

  1. Immediately switch on the air conditioning to the coldest setting and with the greatest blowing force when getting in
    It is better to open the doors and windows for a minute before turning on the air conditioning. With this simple operation, the temperature can already be lowered significantly. Once the car is ventilated, you can get in, close the doors and windows and turn on the air conditioning.
  2. Keep the ‘air recirculation’ switched on
    Just after getting in, it can be useful to first switch on the internal recirculation for a few minutes, because this will cool the interior even faster. But after that, the system really has to go to the position with the supply of outside air. This allows the system to distribute the airflow more evenly and efficiently.
  3. Use air conditioning regularly

There are times of the day when the temperature is low and we believe that we can survive by not turning on the air conditioning to save fuel, but the ideal way is to always activate the air, thus avoiding fogging when the outside temperature rises.

  1. Align the air vents correctly

‘Turn down the temperature a bit, I don’t feel anything’, is a frequently heard comment from passengers in the car in the summer. Usually, however, it is not a question of a temperature set too high, but the direction in which the cold air flows through the car.

To achieve an even distribution of airflow, the vents should point upwards and not towards the occupants’ faces. With this simple operation, the air flows nicely through the interior of the car and the coolness reaches every passenger. In addition: heat rises and for that reason alone it is wise to point the openings upwards, so that cooling takes place as quickly as possible.

  1. No maintenance
    Many air conditioning systems suffer from overdue maintenance. A car brand such as Seat recommends replacing the filters every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometres to prevent a reduced effect. After a few years, it will also be necessary to top up the ‘refrigerant’. In addition, overdue maintenance and lack of cleaning can lead to bacterial mould in the system and cause odours in the car.

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