Americans in Afghanistan – The US truly lost this war

DUMPED: A whole generation has grown up in Afghanistan under UK and US protection.

THE recent decisions of the Americans in Afghanistan are almost beyond belief.

If they truly were naïve enough to believe that diplomatic and peaceful negotiations with the Taliban would prevail with the withdrawal of American troops, then the whole world should be in in very real fear that the USA, our strongest and most powerful ally, is now under the control of a bunch of completely inept idiots.

At the time of writing, White House spokespeople (while arranging for their own staff to flee the country) are actually announcing that the Afghan diplomats in Kabul are still hoping to negotiate with the enemy when they take over the city. You really couldn’t make it up.

The two facts that emerge from statements of this ilk are that either the American hierarchy is naïve beyond belief or they think everyone else is! No, the truth of the matter is that the Americans have lost this war and hung the Afghan people out to dry.

US and UK troops have been in the country 20 years. A whole generation has grown up under their protection. Most of their economy has been dominated by the American investment and military infrastructure. And they have now been unceremoniously dumped. Yet another American president has become the toast of the Taliban Chai houses. Obama was the first.

I always questioned his motives for withdrawing vast numbers of troops under the guise of ‘bringing our boys home,’ which the gullible American public lapped up and quite brilliantly enabled him to retain his popularity with both his Muslim supporters and his home crowd.

Trump then condoned the plans by promising the troops would be out by 2021, and bungling Biden, who probably has no more than another six months or so of presidential  power left before Kamala Harris takes over (as per plan!), has now finished it off.

They have even left the enemy millions of dollars’ worth of equipment to fight with. The mind truly does boggle. All of this is of course not helped by the hundreds of thousands of fighting age young men who have fled the country and been allowed sanctuary in the West. If these cowards had been sent back and made to fight for their homeland they may have been in with half a chance.

Well, I hope the woke brigade are truly proud of themselves. Allowing these people to infiltrate the West in droves has left the indigenous people of Afghanistan with an impossibly depleted army and devastatingly vulnerable to all the atrocities which will now undoubtedly ensue.

I hope the leftie do-gooders sleep peacefully in their beds when, under their misguided insistence, the men who should be defending the women and children of Afghanistan are lounging in their hotel beds and complaining about the food, while the terrified women and children they have abandoned and thrown to the wolves are suffering the almost unspeakable brutalities and barbarisms we know their new ‘government’ is capable of. Global Jihad also now has a firm base to operate from.

A more dangerous scenario is difficult to imagine. Heaven help us all.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy  
[email protected] Mon. Wed. Fri.

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.

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Leapy Lee

Leapy Lee's opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors. Share your story with us by emailing [email protected], by calling +34 951 38 61 61 or by messaging our Facebook page


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