Time to declutter your life and clean out your wardrobe and your mind

Time to declutter

SPRING CLEANING: It’s time to clean your mind and reduce chaos.

MANY of us at one time or another reach that stage where we decide it is time to declutter and finally let go of that overcrowded wardrobe bursting with old clothes we no longer wear, most of which you’ve even forgotten you had.

For years the same thoughts go through our minds, “I’ll keep those jeans as they were rather expensive at the time’ or “I’ll lose a little weight and get back into that dress one day”. The excuses can be endless, although certainly justifiable in your mind at the time allowing them to hang there for yet another year before you go through the same thought pattern again resulting in the same outcome.

Every now and then we finally have the urge to clear out that excess baggage that just isn’t serving us at all. That cathartic feeling of taking it to the charity shop and letting go gives a sense of relief and achievement.

Decluttering your wardrobe is one thing but in order to really lighten the heavy load that life can bestow upon us is to understand how to declutter ‘yourself’, spring clean your mind and reduce unwanted chaos that can lead to that old enemy knocking on the door – stress.

So much of what we do in our everyday lives is automatic, we don’t think about it, we just get on and do it, however, we become overloaded as more and more is demanded of us. This is when it is time to take a step back and look at that cluttered up life that you are living and decide what you can throw out in order to be able to breathe and spend some downtime with the most important person in your life, you.

The problem we sometimes encounter is that many of us find it difficult to say no, we are often busy helping others by fulfilling their needs, for martyrdom or not the result will be detrimental to our own well-being and the situation will inevitably implode. It is one thing being efficient and helping others in need but it is never effective if you are overloading yourself.  It is vital to know and understand that when we care for ourselves, we are more able to take care of those around us.

Life can be all too consuming if we allow it to be, so how do you take that step back, declutter and release the shackles holding us back from living an easier more relaxed but productive life?

Firstly, rather than taking on every burden, never be afraid to ask others for help, you will find most people are more than willing to do so especially as they will be aiding a person that aides others in return. Learning to delegate and let go of the obligations you feel are only yours to undertake will create more time for yourself.

Take a walk, switch off your electronic device and really stop, look and feel. Feel what is actually around you, feel the sun on your skin, hear the ocean, breathe in your environment, actually feel the earth beneath your feet so you are truly grounded. All this will allow you to not only think differently but also feel differently. Calm will ensue by altering your way of being.

If you can find just a little ‘me time’ each day you will slowly begin to declutter creating a steady gradual change for the better. So, make the choice to take time for your precious wonderful you and improve the quality of your life.

Rob Shallis – www.robshallis.com

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