5 New Gambling Trends Players Can’t Ignore

With the recent advancements in technology, casinos and gambling activities are not what they used to be decades ago. The online gambling industry has evolved significantly and experienced a remarkable transformation. These recent advancements could change the future of gambling and online gaming forever.
Online gambling has now become very popular among many people. Recent studies show that 96% of online gamblers play from the convenience of their homes. This was possible through the ease of access to the internet through their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
According to reports from American Gaming Association (AGA), the estimated number of active gambling websites that offer bingo, lottery, poker, and slot machines is over 2800. This estimate also acknowledges that new brands emerge regularly in the online space for gambling sites. Current research also shows that the worldwide online gambling market is expected to double in size by 2026.
With this significant increase in the online gambling industry, many sites adopt new trends to make their sites attractive to players. These trends are aimed at improving their competitive advantages and gaining market share.
New trends such as an improvement and upgrade from browser-based games to gaming applications. Some of the top 5 new trends are;
1. Introduction of crypto payments
One of the major new trends in the online gaming industry is the introduction of Bitcoin and other digital currencies as new payment systems. Many online gambling platforms have since then adopted this new trend. The payment method has since taken over the traditional means of making deposits.
Making payments and withdrawing winnings in digital currencies is now a preferred method for many players. The advantages of cryptocurrencies over traditional means of payments are the drivers of this new system. Some of which includes;

  • Instant transfers of payments
  • Anonymous transactions
  • Encrypted technology that protects player’s identity
  • Low transaction fees
  • User friendly

2. Introduction of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR)
VR and AR technology is finally coming to the casinos; this technology is expected to become the next most exciting thing in the gaming industry. The impact of VR and AR technology will change the way we use online casinos forever.
Gaming software developers employ VR/AR technology to upgrade online gaming to simulate real-life gaming experiences. Many players now prefer mobile casinos to land-based casinos in their quest for better quality videos and graphics.
Online casino games and gambling sites are closing the gaps with video games, giving players a remarkable experience. Although this trend is quite expensive now, it will be cheaper as the trend grows in the future.
3. Ease of Gambling Restrictions
With the current growth rate and acceptance of online gambling, countries with legal restrictions will soon have to ease their laws. During the pandemic lockdown, statistics showed that many people joined online gambling sites as a means of entertainment. Storming online sites and casinos was expected since there were limited engagements as people stayed at home while Covid-19 raged.
And as more people are embracing online gambling games, anonymous players are increasing even from restricted countries. The introduction of cryptocurrencies has made this easier for players because of its element of anonymity. Players can play from anywhere in the world and make deposits and withdrawals without revealing their true identities. It is evident that countries with restricted laws will soon allow their citizens to participate in online gambling in a regulated environment.
4. Introduction of Live Dealers & Social media integration
Given the nature of online gambling and casinos being void of human interaction, recent trends are evolving to include a more live dealer in every game. Live dealer casino games are based on the real-time activity of dealers at a specific location and are streamed directly to the gamblers.
Since online gambling sites have incorporated live dealers in their games, their players have played for longer hours, and they seem to enjoy the games better. The online casino game developers allow interaction between dealers and players through the chatbox to improve communication. Another similar attempts of developers at this is to create a live chatroom in-app where players from all over the world can interact and play games together.
5. Faster internet access due to 5G technology
The introduction of the 5G internet access will make it easier and smoother for players to access and enjoy their online games from wherever and at any time. The 5G internet access will also assist the new flow of other technological trends, and players can continuously enjoy internet speed without any disruption to their games.
The faster 5G internet service will also provide ease of routine upgrades downloads to players that online sites and gaming applications provide. The routine upgrades are to keep their games more challenging and an avenue to add more exciting games to their cache.
Technologic and socio-economic trends are changing everything, from how they operated long ago. As these new trends are becoming more popular in online gambling, on-land casinos feel the heat. These trends are important to players, and they must learn to adapt to succeed in their gaming adventure.
Generally, technological advancements will allow gambling operators to expand their reach and improve their user experience. By paying attention and relying on these new trends for a better experience, the online gaming world will be a better place soon enough.

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