What can Europe learn from the UK's gambling culture?

The UK has always had a bustling, active, healthy gambling and betting culture, and gambling has steadily become more and more popular over the course of the last few years. Compared to many different countries in Europe, the gambling culture in the UK is much more active and competitive, and there are many more people who enjoy gambling and placing bets.
Although the UK is different from its European neighbours, there is a lot that European countries could learn from the UK when it comes to developing and fostering a healthy and bright gambling culture. Below are some of the biggest lessons that the UK can teach its European neighbours about building a gambling and betting culture and industry.
Destination gambling and casinos
A substantial amount of gambling is now migrating over to digital platforms and online casinos, away from brick-and-mortar casinos and betting shops. At one time, people would regularly travel in order to visit physical casinos but many people are now much more likely to just pull out their phones, rather than make the trip across town to their local casino.
That being said, destination casinos are likely to continue to be popular, as there is a large demographic of travellers in Europe and the UK who enjoy visiting large casinos when they travel to a new city. This is particularly true of large cities that are either famous for their casinos or which have big, beautiful, glamorous casinos for travellers to explore.
Monaco is one example of a city that has relied on destination gambling for a sizeable portion of its GDP. On the other hand, London is a city that does not rely heavily on gambling the way Monaco does, but London does have a number of beautiful, famous casinos, such as the Hippodrome Casino in London, which attract the attention of tourists.
Although there will always be a certain amount of destination tourism that places like Monaco can rely on, other European cities should take note of how the UK has managed to incorporate both digital and physical casinos.
Keeping up with the times
Another lesson that Europe can learn from the UK is the importance of keeping up with market changes and not being afraid of innovation. In the gambling industry, one of the biggest innovations of the last few years has been the rise of digital tech and the migration of a huge number of gamblers towards digital platforms.
The UK has managed the transition to digital gambling and betting very well and there are now hundreds of different online casinos for UK gamblers to choose from. By thinking ahead and legislating in a way that encompassed new gambling technology, the UK was able to quickly usher in the new era of digital gambling and betting, rather than getting bogged down in years of legislating.
Right now, we are seeing many American states slowly realise that online gambling should be regulated in a way similar to gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos. The review of legislation, however, is a long and costly process that halts the flow of the market and slows down competition.
The most popular online casino UK platforms today offer extensive games libraries to their patrons, along with competitive bonuses, seasonal promotions and platforms that are easy to use and navigate.
A peek at what is to come
Brexit has certainly created a substantial amount of uncertainty for every sector of the economy, including online and physical gambling and betting. The next few years will prove to be very interesting for gambling fans as online casino platforms start needing to shift their policies and offerings to adjust to the UK market and the EU market individually.
Gambling and betting legislation have always been an area of particular concern in EU law, as each country has its own cultural views and norms regarding gambling, betting and casinos. The next few years will show just whether or not the UK’s culture of gambling has had any impact on European gambling habits and styles.
Regardless of what happens in Europe, however, it looks very likely that the UK gambling culture will continue just as it has for the last few decades. The interest in online gambling has steadily increased and market analysts are predicting that it will become more popular in the UK. Only time will tell, but right now the future looks bright for the gambling and betting industry.

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