African pastor dies trying to emulate Jesus’ three-day resurrection

A PASTOR from a church in Zambia in Africa decided he was going to emulate the way that Jesus came back from the dead in the Bible, with tragic consequences

James Sakara, a 22-year-old pastor belonging to the Zion Church in the Zambian town of Chadiza, had such belief in the Bible story of how Jesus Christ came back from the dead, after being buried alive for three days, that he decided he could emulate the exact same feat, so with the help of three locals, he went about conducting his own resurrection, much to the reluctance of his flock to allow him to follow through with this seemingly foolish idea.

The young man was also practiced traditional medicine, and in an attempt to convince his congregation to believe in his plan, he quoted from the Bible, claiming that on the eve of his crucifixion by Roman soldiers, when Jesus Christ told his disciples, “do this in memory of me”, he was referring to his resurrection, and not just to drinking wine and eating unleavened bread.

Three members of his congregation were convinced to help him dig a shallow grave, into which he was placed, with his hands tied, and then the three subsequently buried him alive in the ground, with a three-day wait for the pastor to be brought back to them, just like Jesus did.

After three days had passed with no sign of the young pastor, his three accomplices, curious as to why he had not made his expected appearance, went to look for him, and upon opening his grave, it was obvious there was not going to be any miracle, as they found Sakara’s dead body inside.

Some members of the church carried out a series of spiritual exercises to try to bring him back to life, but there was to be no miracle on this occasion, and of the three men who buried him, one is in voluntary police custody, while the other two are being looked for by the police, as reported by


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